A man ate junk food for an entire month and LOST a lot of weight

Most of us will try to go on a diet in the new year (new year, new you, and all that) but what we might not have thought about is a JUNK FOOD diet. 

We all know that junk food gets a bad rep in the foodie world, but eating kale and juice and kale juice can get a bit boring.

So, writer, Jeff Wilser, decided to just eat junk food (think take-aways, chocolate bars and pretty much anything you'll get in a vending machine) for an entire month and see exactly how healthy he was by the end of it.

Now, he didn't go down the free-for-all trail, he limited his calorie intake to around 2,000 a day, and kept his meals in with the reccomended serving size on the package.

He practically ate any sweet or bar he wanted for dinner, but let's be real, a handful of jellies won't constitute a full meal. 

And by day 31, something happened that no one thought would: he LOST weight, and a lot of it.

Eleven pounds, to be exact, and his doctor even said it was too much weight to lose. As well as that, his bad cholesterol went down, his good cholesterol went up, and he lost two percent of his body fat.

So, in the end, it all comes down to calories and moderation, we guess, and even if you're eating junk food everyday, if you eat less that you burn, you're still going to lose weight.