Why this pic of an elderly couple shopping is making everyone cry

The Love What Matters Facebook page always manages to give us a smile (or a tear) with its wonderful array of personal stories about love and family, sent in by people from all over the world.

One post in particular, which went up last night, has already racked up close to a million likes, despite being one of the simplest stories ever shared on the page.

The picture, taken in a shopping mall, shows an elderly couple leaning over a make-up display.

"This husband was helping his wife choose a make-up that matched her skin tone," the photographer explains. 

"She was so concerned about finding the right one and he was so unbelievably helpful. She was having a 'girl' moment, in a panic struggling to find the right one.

"He calmed her down, helped her find her colour and kissed her on the forehead.

"It was such a simple way to show how big his love was for her. A perfect reminder that our bodies grow old but our love doesn't have to."

If you're not crying after seeing that post, we guarantee you will be after reading some of the 65,000 comments posted below it, from other people sharing their own experiences of true love: