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We all know the drill. 

We have charged our phone to the max before a night out but after 140 seconds of Snapchat stories, three Instagram posts and approximately thirteen selfies later, our phone is dead before we even hit the queue for the nightclub. 

And don't even getting us started on making it through the day. 

Well Apple has finally heard all our battery complaints and has designed a handy little device to add a serious amount of battery power to even the most lifeless of smartphones. 

And it does not involve an external battery pack, cable or a second phone. 

The latest product to hit the Apple store is a phone case for the Iphone 6 and 6s which has a discreet battery attached to the back. 

While the case adds a little bit of bulk to the back and bottom of the phone, we must say it looks pretty sleek and comes in white and grey shades. 

This powerful little gadget can extend the battery life of the phone adding up to 18 hours of Internet usage or 25 hours of talkage. 

That's pretty much a twenty-four hour battery people. 

The case is currently on the US online Apple store and is retailing at 99 US dollars which works out roughly at 90 euros. 

Is it too late to add this to the ol' Christmas list? 


In a move that no one in the world saw coming, Pepsi is trying to get funding to release its own smartphone. Sounds a but strange, right?

The soft drink giant is currently trying to raise money on Crowdfunding and have already launched a campaign to promote the Android phone.

So far, Pepsi are only planning to release the smartphone in China and are calling it the P1. There is also a P1s going up on the market, but the only difference between the two is an extra sim card slot.

The device is a standard budget smartphone and comes with a 5.5-inch screen, a 1.7 GHz octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a 13MP rear and 5MP front end camera and a fingerprint scanner.

Pepsi is taking pre-orders through a Chinese Crowdfunding side, where it plans to raise 3 million yuan (€440,000) by December 3.

It’s going to produce 4,000 phones to start and the first thousand who pledge can purchase the P1 for 499 yuan (€73).

The next thousand can purchase the P1s for 699 yuan (€102). After that, the prices increases to 999 yuan (€146) for the next thousand backers while the final thousand will have to pay 1,299 yuan (€190) if they want to get their hands on the Pepsi phone.

The phone looks like any regular smartphone, but has Pepsi engraved on the back. 


Ariana Grande, performed last night at the iHeartRadio Theater in Burbank, and A LOT happened during the show.

First, Arianna performed Focus for the first time live and announced that actor Jamie Foxx is the mystery voice in the video (FINALLY we know the truth).

Then, as things were winding down mid-show, someone decided to throw a phone at Ariana's face. Yep, at her face.

Now, many of us would be very annoyed by this but Ms Grande handled it in the best way possible.

"Did someone throw a phone at me?" she asked. "Did someone just throw a phone on stage? That's so dangerous. What if your screen cracked?"​

Not caring that the smartphone hit her, Ariana joked that the phone might have hurt itself. Well said, Ariana, well said.


We all love our emojis, in fact, most of us use them in nearly every text or message we send – and soon there's going to be a lot more to choose from. 

The Unicode Consortium, which oversees all of our emoji needs has just released a new batch of possible candidates, which you can view here

These 67 candidates will be voted on next May, and the approved ones will be released June 2016. 

We've seen some of these emoji variations before, but for the most part there will be new faces, foods, hand gestures, animals and transportation devices. 

For faces, we love the Pinocchino-inspired nose – perfect for when you catch your little sister lying!

There's also a rolling on the floor laughing face, a drooling face for when your favourite food blogger posts a new recipe and a sneezing face for when you have a cold!

There are also new animal options such as an owl, gorilla, rhino and shark. 

Now, before we get too excited, these are just candidates and the designs we're seeing are just preliminary and might change – but the general idea of the emoji will remain the same. 

We're just going to have to wait until next June to find out!



If you, like many of us have an iPhone or smart phone, odds are you've used an emoji (or ten) in a text message. 

So it may come as a surprise that many of our beloved emojis have completely different meanings than what we thought. 

Shocker, right? Here are the official meanings from Unicode

Disappointed but relieved

Anyone else thought this was a crying face? Yep, so did we. But because the water droplet is at the side of the face, it signifies sweat rather than tears, and is officially called the 'disappointed but relieved' face. 



Many mistake this emoji for a 'dead' face, as the X's are eyes, but apparently it's the shocked face. Who knew? 


Joining hands

A lot of people use this emoji as a 'high-five' sign. It's actually supposed to be a symbol of joined hands as if you're praying or bowing. 


Hushed face

We were 100 percent sure this was a shocked face emoji, but according to Unicode, it's supposed to mean someone is sushing you. 


Face savouring delicious food

This emoji is used by everyone as a cheeky tongue face, right? It's actually a face savouring delicious food. Say what now?!


Information desk woman

If, like EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, you've been using this as a sassy girl emoji, you've been wrong all along. It really has a much more boring meaning as a 'information desk woman'. Yep, life = ruined. 


Grimacing face

Have you ever used this as a big smiley face? You're wrong again. It's a grimacing face, although it really looks nothing like it. 



If you are the owner of a smartphone then you more than likely use, or have been told to use Whatsapp.

The message app was bought by Facebook last year for almost €20 billion according to Bloomberg. Since then the app which allows you to share photos, videos and voice recordings with contacts easily, has been going from strength to strength.

One of the features of the service is a small detail that can mean an awful lot to some people. The ‘blue tick’ icon seen at the bottom of your message will allow you to know if the person you sent your message to has seen it.

Now though, there has been another interesting feature unearthed: Whatsapp will allow you to see who your closest friends are on the app. You just need to follow a few simple steps:

Next time you open the app, go to the settings section, then select 'account settings':

After that, you just need to go to 'storage usage' and all will be revealed:



These could be the clothing item that really brings fashion to the next level entirely.

Could there finally be a cure to the terrible feeling of despair this is your phone’s battery running out when you’re miles from an all-important power source?

We use our smartphones so frequently nowadays they are practically attached to our palms permanently. Now Joe’s Jeans are bringing a new meaning to the phrase attached at the hip.

No matter how hard we try, there’s always the risk that our battery is not going to make it until the end of the day before it needs a recharge.

The #Hello jeans are designed so all you have to do is slide your phone into your back pocket and let it charge away. No stress and a full battery.

You will never have to deal with a screen such as this ever again. Amazing. Also, these styles are none too shabby. We really wouldn’t mind having one or two of these in our wardrobes. Stylist and practical, the holy grail of fashion.

Oh but wait. There may be one slight issue with these miracle jeans.

They do come with quite the price tag. While you cannot deny how much you would enjoy never having to miss a prime Snapchat moment again, you also cannot deny that these are expensive.

They will set you back around €170, and there’s also the fact that the battery pack retails separately for roughly €40. Also, currently the chargers are only compatible with iPhones, sorry Android users. 

So close, yet just not quite the perfect solution.



Where would we be without our smart phones? They are pretty much attached to us 24/7, it’s hard to remember how we got by without them. However, that doesn’t mean they should take centre stage at all times! As with anything, there are some dos and don’ts that we ought to live by, for example:

Do remember that other people can hear you too
Having your phone to your ear doesn’t magically create a soundproof shield between you and everyone else on the bus y’know. While we love nothing more than a bit of ear wigging from time to time, some days we just want to sleep – and we just can’t do that when someone is shouting down the phone to their friend about the awful day they’ve had in the office. Keep it short and simple, and relatively quiet!

Don’t spend an entire lunch date texting someone else
Quality time with the people you care about is precious, so don’t waste it by being glued to your smartphone the entire time. They are addictive, but try to ignore the urge to check your phone while you’re out with friends or family. There’s nothing more annoying than watching someone watch their phone as you tell them all your news!

Do turn it on silent
There are certain situations that require you to turn your phone on silent – the cinema, for example, or if you’re at a meeting. Try not to forget, as it’s more embarrassing than anything else. And it’s so easily avoidable!

Don’t tag everyone in your Facebook post without asking
If you’re out with your friends, remember to ask before you tag them in a post about your outing. They may not want people to know where they are, for whatever reason. So try not to be the one to blow their cover!

Do text people back within a reasonable about of time
We’ve all got the: “Oh Jesus sorry I only got your text now!” text, and you just KNOW that that’s a down right lie. All we’re sayin’ is, don’t be that person. Text back within a couple of hours at the very latest, otherwise we’re going to wait for ages to text YOU back, and the conversation could very well drag out over a couple of weeks. Do you really want that? No. Us neither.

Don’t ring people when you know they’re busy
If you know your friend is in an important interview, or they’re driving, or they’re watching Grey’s Anatomy, then don’t ring them. It’s just common courtesy. Send them a text asking them to ring when they’re free if it’s really urgent (hopefully they’ll have their phone on silent).




In this age of communication, long distance relationships are becoming more and more common. As well as more people meeting online, with so many young people leaving Ireland to find work you might find yourself suddenly in a different country from your beloved.

There are ways to make it work though, and app developers are on the case. Here are three relationship apps which will help the two of you stay in touch.


Couple is basically just a social network, but for only two people. You can send messages, share photos, and schedule important events – from you anniversary to your nightly Skype call.

Cutest of all, it has a feature called “Thumb Kissing” where it will show you where your partners thumb is pressed on their screen so you can press your there too. Aww.


With Avocado you can send messages between the two of you, share lists and archive special moments.

You can also create personal emoticon – “photocons” – shared just between the two of you.

The sweetest part is the name; avocados only grow in pairs.


This is the most comprehensive couples app. With this you can not only chat privately, create lists and record events, but you can share a daily journal between you to record your feeling while apart.

It’s the next best thing to being in the same room.



Imagine having a friend who is clued in on how to create the perfect outfit on a night out.

Well, now shop dummies have been fitted with a devise which allows them to tell you all about the outfit they’re wearing, the prices and how to best accessorise it.

The new technology, that enables the mannequins to transmit information about the clothes on display directly to an app on the shoppers’ smartphones, was launched yesterday.

Regular customers might be offered a personal discount on the dress on display by way of a loyalty reward, or they would be able to share the images with friends to get advice on whether or not to buy it.

Shoppers can also store the information on their phone to think about it and buy later from the retailer’s website.

The VMBeacon system has been developed by the British technology and design company Iconeme.

The beacons installed inside the mannequins have a range of 100 metres and a battery life of three years and so can communicate with shoppers even when stores are closed.

Let’s get shopping!