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Ariana Grande, performed last night at the iHeartRadio Theater in Burbank, and A LOT happened during the show.

First, Arianna performed Focus for the first time live and announced that actor Jamie Foxx is the mystery voice in the video (FINALLY we know the truth).

Then, as things were winding down mid-show, someone decided to throw a phone at Ariana's face. Yep, at her face.

Now, many of us would be very annoyed by this but Ms Grande handled it in the best way possible.

"Did someone throw a phone at me?" she asked. "Did someone just throw a phone on stage? That's so dangerous. What if your screen cracked?"​

Not caring that the smartphone hit her, Ariana joked that the phone might have hurt itself. Well said, Ariana, well said.


Earlier this year, Harry Potter star Tom Felton and Ariana Grande exchanged funny tweets about what Hogwarts house Ariana belonged to. 

He chose Gryffindor for the pop princess, but she later went on to tell him that her Pottermore account had sorted her into Slytherin.

But this week, the two celebs struck up another Twitter conversation after Ariana shared a meme of her blonde self as Lucius Malfoy standing next to a platinum-dyed Draco. 

Tom replied by offering his acting services for Ms Grande's next music video, commenting that he could "dig up a very dashing white wig" if necessary.

But even better, Ariana (who is ever the Harry Potter superfan) said she's so ready for this to happen.

Her new song, Focus, will need a video sometime soon, so maybe Tom might just be on to something here. One thing for sure though, we really hope this happens. 



Ariana Grande has teased clue after clue about her upcoming single, Focus, but it wasn't until today that she unveiled the cover art for the song that will be released on October 30. 

The singer made a DRASTIC hair change, much like Kylie Jenner has in the past few months. 

Yes, Ariana went platinum blonde. The new look cover photo was shot by her friend Alfredo Flores, and she's seen wearing a small bra top, pearl earrings and her usual half-ponytail hair style. 

A strong light is also cast over the 22-year-old, creating an intense shadow from behind. 

Ms Grande has been dropping hints about her new song for a week now, and very cleverly uploading blurred out photos to her Instagram account, focusing in (see, clever!) on the art every day to make it clearer. 

She's been doing the same to the lyrics, which she unblurs every few days. 

It seems like Ariana's blonde do' isn't permanent though as she's currently back to her brown locks, but fingers crossed she sports the platinum hair in the Focus music video.