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The former partner of deceased rapper XXXTenacion has given birth to his son, just seven months after his murder.

Jenesis Sanchez and the artist's mother, Cleopatra Bernard, have issued a joint statement saying that they are "thrilled" at the newborn's arrival. 

“We’re happy to confirm that Baby and Mother are healthy,” the statement says. The little boy has been named Gekyume Onfroy.


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Only days after the death of XXXTenacion, real name Jahseh Onfroy, the pregnancy was revealed in June of last year. The 20-year-old was shot and killed in Florida in his car.

According to the statement, the name Gekyume was “specifically” chosen by the late musician ”for his first born son”. 

The family say the name “means ‘different state’ or ‘next’ universe of thought,” adding that they are “honoured to fulfil his wish”.


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A posthumous XXXTentacion record was released last year entitled Skins, and featured prominent artists such as Kanye West.

The controversial rapper was facing a shocking 15 felony charges when he died, and was accused of multiple counts of domestic abuse, including an incident of physically assaulting a pregnant woman.

The rapper had been charged with the aggravated battery of a pregnant victim, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment and witness tampering, and was due in court the week after his death.




There's nothing more annoying then a dead phone battery, expect perhaps how long it takes to fully charge it again. 

Well, it looks like our prayers have finally been answered. 

An Israeli firm are said to be working on a smartphone battery that could charge in as little as five minutes.  

The FlashBattery has been engineered to charge from empty to full capacity, one hundred times faster than the average smartphone, and could be available as yearly as next year. 

But of course, there's a catch.

The batteries have shorter life spans than those currently on the market, but the firms reckons the incredibly charging speed more than makes up for this minor set back.

However, Ben Wood, a technology analyst at CSS Insight told BBC News that he doubts the company can meet their target because they would need to tackle a host of technical ans safety issues, including how hot the battery would become.

But with a five minute charge time, we're pretty sure we could make peace with a roasting hot phone. 



Let's be real, we'd be totally lost without our phones. And in this day and age, the odds of someone not having a phone are pretty much zero. 

But if there's anything you've noticed in the recent mobile phone years, it's that everyone has a different type of phone personality. 

From the early adopters to the peeps who are ALWAYS plugged in, here are the six types of phone users in your girl gang:

1. The early adopter

Now, we're not talking about a baby bitten by the technological bug, we're talking about those people who always have the latest and greatest from the technology world.

They probably had your phone three years ago when it first hit the shelves in China and have since moved onto the next best thing.


2. The one who NEVER has data/credit

There's always one in the group, isn't there? At the start of the month they eat through their data plan and by day four it's all used up.

They spend the rest of the month trying to send 'call me' texts and scramble onto Facebook to see what the hell in the world is going on. 


3. The one that's ALWAYS plugged in 

We all know this type. No matter what's happening or where they are, they always have their phone attached to their hand.

Whether it's dinner, a movie, in class or in work, they will always be plugged in. Just who are they talking to?! 


4. The technophobe

This lady is almost afraid of her phone and uses it to the absolute bare minimum. They can manage the odd text or phonecall but don't even think about Whatsapp or Twitter. 

They also always wonder why they never hear about the group's plans… Ahem, if you looked at your phone every once in a while…


5. The constant texter

This person just hates talking on the phone. The second their phone flashes and a call is coming through, complete panic washes over them.

Even if it is just their mam asking what time they'll be home at. They will also pretend to text if an awkward situation arises. 


6. The one who never has battery

This is probably the most annoying type of all, both for you and your friend.

Having to lug around a charger everywhere is not fun, but not being able to get a hold of someone constantly, is not fun either. 


These could be the clothing item that really brings fashion to the next level entirely.

Could there finally be a cure to the terrible feeling of despair this is your phone’s battery running out when you’re miles from an all-important power source?

We use our smartphones so frequently nowadays they are practically attached to our palms permanently. Now Joe’s Jeans are bringing a new meaning to the phrase attached at the hip.

No matter how hard we try, there’s always the risk that our battery is not going to make it until the end of the day before it needs a recharge.

The #Hello jeans are designed so all you have to do is slide your phone into your back pocket and let it charge away. No stress and a full battery.

You will never have to deal with a screen such as this ever again. Amazing. Also, these styles are none too shabby. We really wouldn’t mind having one or two of these in our wardrobes. Stylist and practical, the holy grail of fashion.

Oh but wait. There may be one slight issue with these miracle jeans.

They do come with quite the price tag. While you cannot deny how much you would enjoy never having to miss a prime Snapchat moment again, you also cannot deny that these are expensive.

They will set you back around €170, and there’s also the fact that the battery pack retails separately for roughly €40. Also, currently the chargers are only compatible with iPhones, sorry Android users. 

So close, yet just not quite the perfect solution.