Smartphone etiquette 101: get the low down!


Where would we be without our smart phones? They are pretty much attached to us 24/7, it’s hard to remember how we got by without them. However, that doesn’t mean they should take centre stage at all times! As with anything, there are some dos and don’ts that we ought to live by, for example:

Do remember that other people can hear you too
Having your phone to your ear doesn’t magically create a soundproof shield between you and everyone else on the bus y’know. While we love nothing more than a bit of ear wigging from time to time, some days we just want to sleep – and we just can’t do that when someone is shouting down the phone to their friend about the awful day they’ve had in the office. Keep it short and simple, and relatively quiet!

Don’t spend an entire lunch date texting someone else
Quality time with the people you care about is precious, so don’t waste it by being glued to your smartphone the entire time. They are addictive, but try to ignore the urge to check your phone while you’re out with friends or family. There’s nothing more annoying than watching someone watch their phone as you tell them all your news!

Do turn it on silent
There are certain situations that require you to turn your phone on silent – the cinema, for example, or if you’re at a meeting. Try not to forget, as it’s more embarrassing than anything else. And it’s so easily avoidable!

Don’t tag everyone in your Facebook post without asking
If you’re out with your friends, remember to ask before you tag them in a post about your outing. They may not want people to know where they are, for whatever reason. So try not to be the one to blow their cover!

Do text people back within a reasonable about of time
We’ve all got the: “Oh Jesus sorry I only got your text now!” text, and you just KNOW that that’s a down right lie. All we’re sayin’ is, don’t be that person. Text back within a couple of hours at the very latest, otherwise we’re going to wait for ages to text YOU back, and the conversation could very well drag out over a couple of weeks. Do you really want that? No. Us neither.

Don’t ring people when you know they’re busy
If you know your friend is in an important interview, or they’re driving, or they’re watching Grey’s Anatomy, then don’t ring them. It’s just common courtesy. Send them a text asking them to ring when they’re free if it’s really urgent (hopefully they’ll have their phone on silent).