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It wasn't a good time for Kris Jenner at the iHeart 80s Culture Club concert, not a good time at all.

The momager went onto the stage to make an introduction when the whole crowd started booing her.

They became so loud that her microphone had to be turned up, and even then it was difficult to hear her speak.

She wasn't one to back down though, and continued on with her introduction before exiting the stage.

Even iHeart Radio were surprised as they shared this tweet after her appearance.

Are you surprised? Or do you think she was asking for it?


Ariana Grande, performed last night at the iHeartRadio Theater in Burbank, and A LOT happened during the show.

First, Arianna performed Focus for the first time live and announced that actor Jamie Foxx is the mystery voice in the video (FINALLY we know the truth).

Then, as things were winding down mid-show, someone decided to throw a phone at Ariana's face. Yep, at her face.

Now, many of us would be very annoyed by this but Ms Grande handled it in the best way possible.

"Did someone throw a phone at me?" she asked. "Did someone just throw a phone on stage? That's so dangerous. What if your screen cracked?"​

Not caring that the smartphone hit her, Ariana joked that the phone might have hurt itself. Well said, Ariana, well said.