Talking mannequins are no dummies as they help you shop


Imagine having a friend who is clued in on how to create the perfect outfit on a night out.

Well, now shop dummies have been fitted with a devise which allows them to tell you all about the outfit they’re wearing, the prices and how to best accessorise it.

The new technology, that enables the mannequins to transmit information about the clothes on display directly to an app on the shoppers’ smartphones, was launched yesterday.

Regular customers might be offered a personal discount on the dress on display by way of a loyalty reward, or they would be able to share the images with friends to get advice on whether or not to buy it.

Shoppers can also store the information on their phone to think about it and buy later from the retailer’s website.

The VMBeacon system has been developed by the British technology and design company Iconeme.

The beacons installed inside the mannequins have a range of 100 metres and a battery life of three years and so can communicate with shoppers even when stores are closed.

Let’s get shopping!