These are the 67 Emojis that are coming your way next year

We all love our emojis, in fact, most of us use them in nearly every text or message we send – and soon there's going to be a lot more to choose from. 

The Unicode Consortium, which oversees all of our emoji needs has just released a new batch of possible candidates, which you can view here

These 67 candidates will be voted on next May, and the approved ones will be released June 2016. 

We've seen some of these emoji variations before, but for the most part there will be new faces, foods, hand gestures, animals and transportation devices. 

For faces, we love the Pinocchino-inspired nose – perfect for when you catch your little sister lying!

There's also a rolling on the floor laughing face, a drooling face for when your favourite food blogger posts a new recipe and a sneezing face for when you have a cold!

There are also new animal options such as an owl, gorilla, rhino and shark. 

Now, before we get too excited, these are just candidates and the designs we're seeing are just preliminary and might change – but the general idea of the emoji will remain the same. 

We're just going to have to wait until next June to find out!