Say what?! We have all been using these emojis wrong all along


If you, like many of us have an iPhone or smart phone, odds are you've used an emoji (or ten) in a text message. 

So it may come as a surprise that many of our beloved emojis have completely different meanings than what we thought. 

Shocker, right? Here are the official meanings from Unicode

Disappointed but relieved

Anyone else thought this was a crying face? Yep, so did we. But because the water droplet is at the side of the face, it signifies sweat rather than tears, and is officially called the 'disappointed but relieved' face. 



Many mistake this emoji for a 'dead' face, as the X's are eyes, but apparently it's the shocked face. Who knew? 


Joining hands

A lot of people use this emoji as a 'high-five' sign. It's actually supposed to be a symbol of joined hands as if you're praying or bowing. 


Hushed face

We were 100 percent sure this was a shocked face emoji, but according to Unicode, it's supposed to mean someone is sushing you. 


Face savouring delicious food

This emoji is used by everyone as a cheeky tongue face, right? It's actually a face savouring delicious food. Say what now?!


Information desk woman

If, like EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, you've been using this as a sassy girl emoji, you've been wrong all along. It really has a much more boring meaning as a 'information desk woman'. Yep, life = ruined. 


Grimacing face

Have you ever used this as a big smiley face? You're wrong again. It's a grimacing face, although it really looks nothing like it.