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Roxanne Pallett made Celebrity Big Brother 2018 on to remember.

The former Emmerdale actor caused uproar when she falsely accused Corrie star Ryan Thomas of intentionally punching her.

It was only that it happened in the Big Brother house and Ryan's actions were caught on camera that his career isn't over. 

The footage shows Ryan playfully punching Roxanne on the ribs, barely even touching her.

Now the 36-year-old, who has been a recluse for the last year, has come out and revealed that she has PTSD. 


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She told Closer magazine, ''I had feelings of paranoia and feared something bad would happen to me. When the phone rang, I’d feel sick.''

She continued, ''If I passed someone on the street, I was convinced they meant me harm. I was told that people were saying they wanted to throw acid in my face and that I was more hated than a murderer."

After she left the CBB house and faced the massive backlash, Roxanne deleted her social media – and her engagement to fiance Lee Walton came to an end.

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However, she is now seeing a therapist regularly, taking anti-depressants that are helping her to deal with what happened in the house.

Roxanne stresses that she deeply regrets her actions.

She said, ''I absolutely regret what happened on the show, one hundred percent. I got it monumentally wrong, and I’m sorry to Ryan and his family, for the pain I inflicted on him and others who were watching.''

She continued, ''I think it’s important when you’ve done something wrong, that you immediately hold your hands up and make sure everyone knows you’re sorry."It will take a long time for her accusations to be forgotten but at least she is getting the help that she needs. 



Ryan Thomas has suffered through an emotional journey during his time on this season’s Celebrity Big Brother.

His alleged abuse of Roxanne Pallett was the talk of the reality show, but the public rallied behind him and voted him winner of this year’s series.

Even though the father was able to prove his innocence, he was worried about what the scandal would do to his reputation.

The Coronation Street star opened up about the show’s aftermath and its effect on his personal life on This Morning. Knowing that viewers were supporting him made all the difference.

“You’re not supposed to hear what happens on the outside but that sort of clarification for me was massive. You’ll see me crying again because it was a relief of the public giving me something I needed right then.”

And because of the massive media reaction, the dad even began to doubt the truth of his innocence.

“I questioned myself. I even questioned, ‘Did I hurt this woman?’ It was so nothing to me, and maybe I caught her with my ring or on her arm, I was even questioning what happened because everyone was making such a thing out of it.”

Being cut off from the outside world only added more undeserved uncertainty to his situation.

The Corrie star has been humble in his handling of the situation, and he commended Roxanne for her verbal apology.

However, Ryan mentioned that he still hasn’t received the personal apology letter that Roxanne had promised earlier.


Weekend with my girls.

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Although it has appeared that the CBB star has taken the accusation in stride, it is now clear that Ryan has been battling with personal issues as a result.

He hopes that his daughter, nieces, and nephews will continue to see him in a positive light and that the scandal has not altered their admirable view of their role model.


Ryan Thomas walked away from the Celebrity Big Brother House a winner, but his time there was marred by controversy. 

Sitting down on The Jeremy Vine Show, the former Coronation Street star was extremely humble and forgiving towards Roxanne Pallett. 

CBB was criticised for its treatment of Ryan during the series, after he was accused of an act of violence by Roxanne, which was vastly exaggerated. 


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'I’ve not seen any of that back,' he told the talk show host. 

He described how the incident 'caught us all by surprise, especially myself.'

'That house, when something like that happens, you can become very isolated. As it unravelled it was just nice to have your fellow housemates supporting you.'

In a charitable move, Ryan explained that he felt Roxanne has been through a lot, but that he would not be making it a priority to speak with her. 

'Big Brother makes headlines and sometimes for the wrong reasons and I appreciate Roxanne’s apology,' he said. 

It takes a very big person to forgive someone after something like that – we can only commend Ryan for his positive outlook.  


This season of Celebrity Big Brother has been marred by controversy – but despite the difficulties he faced in the house, last night Ryan Thomas walked away the winner. 

The former Coronation Street star emotionally took the crown, saying to Emma Willis:

'I have no words, no words whatsoever, I don't know what to say… all day I've been acting like I'm all cool, didn't think about winning,' he said.


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CBB was criticised for its treatment of Ryan during the series, after he was accused of an act of violence by a fellow housemate. 

Former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett is arguably the most controversial housemate in recent Celebrity Big Brother history following her actions.

The actress accused Thomas of punching her, which turned out to be an untrue exaggeration.


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She declared herself 'the most hated girl in Britain' in her exit interview with Emma Willis. 

Speaking about the incident, Thomas said: 'I felt I was going to be getting a call from the police for doing something untowards to a woman. And that's not me.'

'I was glad we had 24-hour surveillance on us, because the point was proven.'



Ryan Thomas has been on an emotional roller-coaster during his role on Celebrity Big Brother.

The Coronation Street star was recently accused of punching housemate Roxanne Pallett.

Even though the allegations were proved untrue, the father was worried about what the incident had done to his reputation.

But he was reassured with a heartfelt letter from his brother Scott saying: “You have shown the nation how amazing you are and carried yourself so well.

“You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Everyone has seen the real you.”

The English actor broke down in tears when he heard the comforting words.

He has had a tough time away from family in the closed-off house, especially missing his daughter Scarlett and nephew Teddy.

On the dad’s instagram, his close friend and social media manager shared an adorable photo of Ryan and his nephew.

The family man and four-year-old Teddy wear matching pink ties and are giving a each other a precious kiss.


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The caption reads: “I know Ryan will be so sad he’s missing Teddy’s 4th bday! But not long now! Happy b-day super ted, love uncle ry ry”.

Ryan and his nephew have such a sweet bond, and there is no doubt that he is missing his little nephew during his time in the CBB house.

We are glad that the dad was able to hear how his family is doing from Scott’s letter and wish him the best of luck as he continues in the reality competition.


Former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett is arguably the most controversial housemate in recent Celebrity Big Brother history.

She recently declared herself 'the most hated girl in Britain” earlier this week, after she accused fellow housemate Ryan Thomas of punching her, which turned out to be an untrue exaggeration. 

Roxanne has faced major public backlash, and has already stepped down from her hosting role on Minster FM.

A petition was also started, campaigning for Roxanne to step down from her role in this year's PHA Pantomime, Cinderella. 

It has been confirmed that Cinderella will go on with out her later this year, according to the PHA Facebook page. 


PHA Pantomimes Facebook Page

'Roxanne Pallett has today decided to step down from her upcoming role as Cinderella in Chesterfield, in order to take some time out and reflect on recent events.'

'We wish Roxanne the best and will be announcing her replacement in due course.'

Over 5000 people signed a Change.org petition calling for her resignation from the production. 

'After the recent horrific display during her stint in celebrity big brother, I think it’s clear to see that this women is not the most desirable character to play the leading role in our local pantomime,' wrote the creater. 

'I, for one, would boycott the event if she was still the leading role. '

Some who signed the petition left their own comments of contempt. 

'There is no way that Roxanne can portray Cinderella after showing the vindictive and disgusting person she has shown herself to be. If she is playing in the panto, I won't be attending with my family,' said one.

'Disgusting to see her make a mockery of domestic violence and try destroying an innocent persons career,' said another. 



We have got the cast for the upcoming, 2018 Celebrity Big Brother, and we cannot wait for the new season to start.

So far, rumours have circled pegging Coronation Street’s Ryan Thomas, Katie Price’s husband Kieran Hayler and psychic Sally Morgan as the new season’s cast.

It seems the soap opera theme is trending as ex-Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallett recently signed on for the show, and she didn’t come cheap.

According to Daily Star, the reality show has been trying to sign the actress for a while, and this year she agreed to appear on the series for £750,000.

Before the soap star’s price was released, the highest paid actor was Ryan Thomas, who signed onto the show for a total of £500,000, according to Closer.

Since Roxanne’s final episode with Emmerdale in 2009, she has appeared on Dancing on Ice, Waterloo Road, and Casualty.

The former ITV soap actress has also made her stage debut in several musicals including The Rocky Horror Show and The Wedding Singer.

However, her career was halted last month when Roxanne suffered injuries from a traumatic car crash, resulting in two sprained wrists, severe bruising, and a concussion.


Thank you x

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The Independent reported that the actress was racing her Minster FM co-host Ben Fry when she slammed into a concrete wall at 40mph.

But she refused to let anxieties from the accident put her life on hold.

“I’m bruised but blessed,” she announced, and thanked her fiancée Lee Walton for being her “rock”.

Roxanne surprised us all last week when she revealed that Lee had proposed to her just one week after the couple began dating.

With no ring in hand, the pair decided to get matching tattoo wedding bands until he saved up enough for a proper ring, reported The Daily Mirror.

He dropped to one knee (again) with a sparkling diamond after her terrifying car crash.

Their love story seems fated, so much so that it could have been written for Emmerdale. #couplegoals

Needless to say, Roxanne has been through a lot this year and is excited for her CBB debut, and probably the paycheck too.

The new season of Celebrity Big Brother will begin this Thursday at 9pm, so stay tuned for some gossip and drama in the TV house.