People are queuing two days before the Yeezy 350s go on sale


The Yeezy 350 runners have yet to even hit the shops, but already they're the most coveted piece of footwear around,

The runners are a collaboration between Kanye West and Adidas and go on sale this Saturday the 27th of June, but people so desperate to get their hands on a pair have began queuing in the UK already. 

These excited footwear fanatics know that it's extremely likely these shoes will sell out as stores have only been given a limited number of pairs… and Kanye's wife Kim has already claimed one pair for herself.


So happy I ran back inside to grab these! Lifesaver on these long flights! Most comfy shoes in the world! Yeezy Boosts 350

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One man in the queue two days ahead of their sale, told the Mirror that Kanye's influence was a huge factor.

"There is so much hype around them, linked to Kanye West, and just to wear them would be amazing. They should cost about €220 but they are priceless – they sell out immediately and there are queues all over the world," he explained. It is expected that the queue will continue to grow over the next two days before shop gets their delivery on Saturday morning. 

And it's no coincidence that Kim, Kylie and co have been sharing snaps of their chosen footwear on social media all week, as they enjoyed a few star-studded days in Cannes.



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Granted, they do look extremely comfortable and stylish, but we are pretty sure it's the link to Mr. West that has people wanting these bad boys!