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While we all make mistakes sometimes, it turns out that having a high IQ may not be the key to intelligence and good decision making.

From losing concert tickets to locking your keys in the car, we all know someone that's clumsy yet, incredibly intelligent.

And now science has proven that just because you're smart, doesn't mean you make good judgements.

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Research from the journal The Thinking Skills and Creativity saw 244 participants take part in a test which measured their critical thinking abilities.

The candidates, which were a mix of students and working individuals, were asked to comment on different scenarios which ranged from mildly annoying to extremely upsetting.

They were asked to indicate their experience with the following situations:

Mildly annoying:

  • sending a text to the wrong person

  • locking yourself out of your house

  • sending an email with spelling errors to somebody important

Extremely upsetting:

  • having €1,000 or more in credit card debt

  • borrowed money to gamble

  • contracted a sexually transmitted disease

After taking an IQ test, and looking over the answers, the researchers saw that "those with higher critical thinking scores reported fewer negative life events."

It's therefore possible to have an average IQ and still make intelligent decisions.



Every group of friends has that one mate who's a tad bit rude; or, then there comes that f*ckboy who doesn't treat you as well as he should be.

And your dog knows it.

Yep, new research has revealed that dogs can sense when someone is being rude to you, and acts accordingly because of it.

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Scientists from Kyoto University conducted their research on 54 dogs and their owners. The owners were given a bottle and they had to pretend to struggle to open it while their dog was watching.

Then, an actor would come in and either help the owner open the bottle – or ignore them and walk out of the room.

After this, the owner and the actor offered the dog a treat, and you can probably guess what happened next… if the actor helped the owner, the dog would go to them for the treat, but if they hadn't helped, the dog would ignore them and take the treat from the other person.

All of the pet pooches were able to judge each individual based on observed behaviour.

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So, that friend who stole your last chocolate biscuit, and that guy who slagged you off; they're probably both hated by your dog.

The research, which was published in Neuroscience & Biobehavioural Reviews, was actually an extension from the 2011 study which saw dogs be more open to people who gave food to the homeless.

See? Dogs are just the best.