WATCH: Grumpy Bieber throws a fan’s present out of his car window


We love Justin Bieber, and 2015 was definitely the year we all became Beliebers, but my God, he acts like such a grumpy child sometimes.

In a new video uploaded to theshaderoominc, Justin is seen looking out the window of his car to a flurry of excited fans – however, he looks less than impressed.

And while all of the girls are going wild, someone throws a present into his (wide open) car window.

Clearly not bothered with the lovely gesture, he flips the present out the window and tells his driver to move on while pulling his window up all the way.


A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on

Watch the video and you'll see a blue-wrapped pressie being flung out.

We think he just needs to learn some manners.