You’ve heard your parents say that there’s ‘no such thing as manners any more!’

Well, maybe they have a point.

Check out the five rudest things you do every day without even knowing it.

1.  Not looking up from your phone while you’re ordering food. That Facebook post isn’t going to ‘like’ itself, just bring me a BLT with a side of manners please.

2.  Walking in a group that takes over the whole footpath. You can’t split up from the girls to let someone past – you might miss a crucial bit of gossip!

3.  Tagging people in pictures without asking them. OK, so they’ve got 10 chins in this photo, but your new haircut looks amazing!

4.  Leaving your phone on the table during dinner. Are you expecting a really important call? Oh no, you just don’t want to miss any Facebook updates as opposed to actually engaging in normal human conversation.

5.  Holding your phone up at a concert to take pictures. No one behind you can see, your pictures are terrible and no one will actually want to see them when forced to look at them. Is that Justin Bieber or Beyoncé? Who knows!