Expectation: I am going to make a list of everything I need in October, and buy it all by the end of November

Reality: I will run around the local shopping centre at 8pm on Christmas Eve frantically searching for anything that could be considered a gift. You swiftly discover that everybody does this. 

Expectation: I will put aside money every week from April onwards to ensure I have a nice budget for my Christmas shopping.

Reality: Baked goods, anyone?

Expectation: I am so mature now, I do not need my parents to get me a gift. I will give THEM lots of gifts.

Reality: HOW could they have gotten me the wrong perfume?! Fools! *sob*

Expectation: I am going to decorate my apartment beautifully for Christmas, with a tree and fairy lights and even wrapped presents.

Reality: I will drape tinsel over the TV and it will stay there all year round.

Expectation: I won’t go crazy on the Christmas food this year, I will be sensible and not need to lose a stone when January arrives.

Reality: Oh, the box of Roses are gone already? It wasn’t me…I swear.

Expectation: I will bake the grandest Christmas pudding you ever did see and I shall light it on fire like they do in the adverts.

Reality: The fire alarm goes off and your family are forced to eat your black, burnt mess while watching the Downton Abbey Christmas Special.

Expectation: I will have one little glass of Bailey’s at the local on Christmas Eve before going home to my family.

Reality: I will fall in the door at 4am and interrupt Santa putting out the presents. Oh, don’t mind me…