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Even though Anne Hathaway is one of Hollywood's leading ladies AND has a Best Supporting Actress Oscar under her belt, she is still facing a lot of pressure to find work in recent years. 

Anne, 32, spoke to Glamour magazine and admitted that she struggles to get parts because the best roles are going to the next generation of talented, younger actresses. 

The brunette beauty discussed what it's like being a woman in the film industry as she posed in a dreamy photoshoot for Glamour.

The photoshoot captures Anne posing topless underneath a series of stylish, oversized coats.

Anne told the magazine: "I hate to admit it, but it’s true – there are fewer roles and the competition is just as fierce as ever."

"I look around at my peers and I’m so blown away by their talent and their beauty and their cool style, as well as their ability to be an actress and be a movie star and be good at it."

"I mean, they’re so good and we’re all trying to get the same parts."

The Devil Wears Prada star said that Hollywood's obsession with youth and beauty has helped her along in her career so far, however. 

She revealed that in the past, she was the young actress landing the major roles, so now it's her turn to watch it happen. 

"I can’t complain about it because I benefited from it", Anne explained.

"When I was in my early 20s, parts would be written for women in their 50s and I would get them."

"And now I’m in my early 30s and I’m like, 'Why did that 24 year old get that part?'"




If recent activity is anything to go by, naked celebs hugging pigs could become the latest trend (hey, more bizarre things have happened in Hollywood).

Fresh from her own porcine embrace on the cover of Paper magazine, Miley Cyrus evidently wants to get a few more A-listers in on the act.

And until she can actually persuade her pals to take the plunge, she's taken to Photoshop instead. 

First up? None-other than Justin Bieber, whose face she has placed onto her own body. As you do.

The original cover-shoot showed 22-year-old Miley’s naked torso covered in dirt, her arms holding on tight to her beloved pet, Bubba Sue. And now with Mr Bieber's head replacing hers, we can safely say that in response we're both horrified and intrigued. 

Meanwhile, in Paper's accompanying interview, Ms Cyrus candidly discusses her own sexuality, as well as social issues such as homelessness, inequality, and gender identities. 

“I am literally open to every single thing that is consenting and doesn’t involve an animal and everyone is of age,” revealed Ms Cyrus.

Miley with on/off again boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger


“Everything that’s legal, I’m down with. Yo, I’m down with any adult – anyone over the age of 18 who is down to love me… I don’t relate to being boy or girl, and I don’t have to have my partner relate to boy or girl.”

It's no wonder the magazine labelled her "her generation's most unlikely social activist". 

We wonder which celebrity face the former Disney star will opt for next time? If she's stuck for ideas, we think her on/off again beau, Patrick Schwarzenegger, could actually be rather fetching. 



Valeria Lukyanova is a model/entertainer who prides herself on her plastic doll like appearance. 

The 29-year-old found fame two years ago when photographs of her emerged and went viral – subsequently dividing opinion around the world. She also appeared in a documentary, Space Barbie, in 2013.

Valeria, otherwise known as the Human Barbie, has now shared yet more pictures which show off her tiny waist and toned tummy.

The new snaps seem to have been taken in a lake-side forest location and were posted to her Facebook page on Tuesday.

One of the images shows Valeria wearing sky-high stiletto boots and a black hat, while in another one of the shots, she is shown with a snake friend amid rough terrain. 


Meanwhile, a later photograph she shared earlier today also with her 1.2m Facebook fans shows her sheltering under an umbrella – allowing the full-impact of her delicate facial features to be seen. 

The model has always claimed that other than breast enlargements, she is entirely surgery-free.

However, Valeria may have some competition from a new Barbie on the block: Angelica Kenova. Born in Moscow in Russia, she is now claiming the Human Barbie title for herself. 

She also claims her doll appearance is entirely natural and that her parents support her choice and encourage her unique look. 

Although aged 26, Angelica, who lives at home, says her mum and dad still control her diet so that she can maintain her slim physique. She has also stated that they monitor her exercise routine and will not allow her to go unaccompanied on dates.

She has apparently been dressed like a Barbie from birth.

So, is Ms Kevova going to steal the spotlight from the original Human Barbie? 

We just wonder what Human Ken (aka Slovakian-born Justin Jedlica) thinks of all of this…




Katie Price is well-known for her over-the-top looks and barely there outfits.

Now, it seems the mum-of-five is ready for a make-under and we love it.

In a new photoshoot for the Evening Standard, Katie can be seen rocking minimal make-up, a beautiful long black lace dress and her hair pulled back in a simple style.

The business woman also spoke about her happiness with her new body, saying: “No bloody big boobs. I love it” referencing her recent breast reduction surgery.

Talking about the awful year she has had since her husband Kieran Haylor was caught cheating on her with two of her best friends, Katie says it’s time for her focus to return to business: “I don’t want drama this year, I want business. I had the worst year of my life last year,  but I want to move on and my best way of moving on is focusing on work.”

Kieran and Katie have two chidren together; Jett (19 months) and Bunny (7 months) while Katie is also a mum to Harvey (13), Junior (9) and Princess (7). 

We're glad to hear that Katie is leaving the past behind her and is positive about the future. What a stunning minimal look –  but will she keep it?



Kim Kardashian has shared new photos of a shoot she did for Love magazine and she is virtually unrecognisable! In the snaps, the reality TV star can be seen wearing orange, pink and black fur trim scarf with a skirt and crop top.

It also looks as if this may be the photoshoot which caused Kim to bleach her eyebrows, perhaps one of the reasons she looks so unlike herself!

Kim told her Twitter followers that the spread for Love, which was done by Steven Klein was over thirty pages: “Can’t wait for u to see 30+ page spread with Steven Klein for Love Magazine. @kegrand @Prada.”

Thirty pages – wow! That is quite a spread, we’re excited to see the photos! Although we’re glad Kim’s eyebrows are back to normal…

The KUWTK star also revealed on Twitter earlier that she and Kanye had spent all night planning her 2015 wardrobe, writing: “Up all night redoing my whole wardrobe with Kanye…..I’m so ready for new looks for the New Year! New 2015 vision.”

Yikes…we wonder what we’re in store for this year! There’s no doubt Kim’s style has changed dramatically since she started dating and subsequently married the self-proclaimed fashion mogul back in 2012. 



TOWIE star Lauren Goodger has become the victim of online trolls after her Victoria’s Secret-inspired photoshoot.

While we certainly won’t be posting any of the trolls' cruel taunts here, let’s just say people were less than nice to Lauren about her shoot. The situation got so bad that she actually removed photos and videos of her VS Angel look from her Twitter and Instagram accounts. How awful!

Lauren wore lingerie and even a pair of white wings for her big magazine shoot. She told new! magazine that she had great fun doing it, saying: “I love Victoria’s Secret, I love the wings and the catwalk. I just wanted to have fun with this shoot and I like to take the pi** out of myself.”

The TOWIE star also spoke about wanting a baby, admitting that she had thought she would be a mum by now: “I’ve always loved children. I thought I’d have a baby by now, but it’s not my time and it’s not meant to be.” Lauren was in a long-term relationship with her co-star Mark Wright, but the pair split in 2012 and Mark is now engaged to be married to Michelle Keegan.

We hope Lauren ignores the haters and keeps her head up – nobody should have to endure such cruel online abuse.


Uh oh, model Chrissy Teigan is not very happy with Forever 21 – and that’s an understatement!

Then again, it is not very hard to see why…

The stunning model was talking to Dujour magazine when she described an incident where the clothing company actually asked her to leave while she was prepping for a shoot: “I actually was fired from a job. Forever 21. They booked me directly when I was much younger. I showed up on set and they asked me if they could take a photo and they shoot that photo off to my agency who then calls me as I’m sitting in the make-up chair and they say: ‘you need to leave right now. They just said that you are fat and that you need to have your measurements taken.’ And I hate you, Forever 21. I hate you so much. Honestly, you’re the worst.”

What a terrible thing to happen, we would certainly be just as mad as Chrissy!

Thankfully, it doesn’t look as if the (horrible) situation had an effect on Chrissy’s successful modeling career, as it wasn’t too long ago she featured in a campaign with Sports Illustrated. 



When daughters Khloé and Kourtney walked in on their mum’s nearly nude photo shoot (she was wearing  see through dress which left nothing to the imagination) it’s no surprise they were a little taken aback!

Kourtney asked her: “Why are your tits out? That’s so embarrassing for your life and for your soul.”

With Khloé adding rather venomously: “Is your vagina out? You are so gross.”

She also joined Kim to one of her pole dancing classes, which didn’t go down too well with her newly wed daughter:

“My mom invites herself to do stripper pole class. It was so embarrassing.

“I think she is so funny and amazing. But my mom literally copies everything I do. I posted this swimsuit picture and then mom posted a swimsuit picture right afterwards. I mean, I get it, but come on.”

However, Kris Jenner is only human and her daughter’s unkind words made their mark. She told Kim:

“I’m so sick of you guys making fun of me. It hurts my feelings.”

We can’t imagine being too pleased if our mothers were carrying on like this either, but perhaps the girls should choose their words a bit more carefully next time!

kris jenner



Lea Michele has found a way to shed her good-girl image once and for all. Posing for V Magazine in a photo-shoot by controversial photographer Terry Richardson, Lea bares (almost) all!

We’re not sure how he does it but Terry seems to have a knack for getting even the most unlikely of stars to pose provocatively! There’s no doubt that Lea looks amazingly stunning but do you think it’s too much?

The actress and singer is currently promoting the upcoming release of her first album, Louder, in March.





There is no doubt that Cara Delevigne is the model of the moment.

Never out of the spotlight (or trouble!) in both in her professional and private life, it seems we just can’t get enough.

Modelling for Vogue Brazil, Cara’s spread for street couture is vibrant and colourful, a bit like her personality!

cara collage