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The lungs of the earth are choking from smoke. We're sure we aren't the only people who checked their Twitter or Instagram feeds and were deeply shocked by the visuals of flames licking the Amazon's greenery and blackness covering São Paolo. A feeling of general helplessness can't help but wash over us. After all, the Amazon is in Brazil (among other nations) and we're in Ireland. 

We can still offer our own assistance to the species of the rainforest, can fight Governmental idleness and capitalist greed and stop the extinction of Indigenous people. There is still time, if we act now.

The Amazon rainforest provides one-fifth of the entire world's oxygen supply, but what if it burns to cinders? Essentially climate breakdown will be irreversible.

The forest acts as a carbon sink, absorbing more CO2 than it emits while releasing oxygen, and stocking 90 to 140 billion tonnes of CO2, which regulate worldwide global warming, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Deforestation is reducing this capacity for absorbing CO2. 


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Illegal deforestation is taking place and forest fires are being started for cattle farming in Brazil, the world's biggest exporter of beef. What can you do to help? Well, stop eating and buying beef. 

The entire Amazon rainforest has been ablaze for three whole weeks, yet media coverage is only really kick-starting now.

Many are correctly pointing out the irony that the Notre Dame fire, which killed or injured no one and didn't even result in significant damage, resulted in billionaires throwing money at it within seconds. 


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The most important ecological landscape in the world, which houses one-quarter of the Earth's species; namely 30,000 types of plants; 2,500 fish; 1,500 birds; 500 mammals; 550 reptiles and 2.5 million insects, according to the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO).

In the past 20 years alone, 2,200 new species of plants and vertebrates have been discovered there. As the largest tropical forest in the world, it covers 5.5 million square kilometres.

Reports are now saying that if we lose just one more fifth of the rainforest, it will trigger a feedback loop known as dieback. This essentially means that the forest will dry out and burn in a cascading system collapse that no amount of human intervention can save.

The amount of deforestation taking place in the Amazon has increased by around 68 percent since Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has entered office.

He has basically declared war on the environment, threatening to wipe out the whole department in the Government and even blames NGOs for the forest fires. 

The majority of the deforestation in the Amazon takes place to make room for cattle farmers to export beef and soy products, so a boycott of these products is an absolute must.

Bolsonaro accused non-governmental organisations of setting wildfires in the Amazon rainforest to damage his government's image, despite presenting no evidence to back up this ridiculous claim.

Bolsonaro has also threatened the exctinction of Brazil's Indigenous population, much of which reside as tribes in the Amazon. Corporations are allowed by the President to illegally confiscate their land, burn it to ash and farm on it.

The Amazon has been inhabited for at least 11,000 years and today counts 34 million people, of whom two-thirds live in cities. 

Nearly three million people are members of some 420 different tribes, of which about 60 are completely isolated in the Amazon forest, according to ACTO.

Alarmingly, according to the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research, there has been an 84 percent increase in wildfires this year and more than 9,500 last week alone

A blackout in São Paulo on Monday sparked worldwide concerns, with the city being submerged into darkness at 3pm. São Paulo is almost 3,000 km away from the rainforest, yet the sky became entirely black, showing the extent of the fires.

It's vitally important at this pivotal moment in our climate emergency that you donate to charities and organisations like Rainforest Action Network, the WWF and Amazon Watch. 

Indigenous people are among the most vulnerable in society, and history has not been kind to them when it comes to colonisation and economic capitalist gain. 

Sign as many Greenpeace petitions as you can, write to your Government asking them to demand action, and change your lifestyle to exclude Brazilian beef and soy products. Buy deforestation-free products. 


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Almost 20 percent of the Amazon forest has disappeared in the last half-century, according to the WWF, and this is accelerating at a massive and terrifying rate.

We can't simply see the images on our phones and become disconnected from the dangers, and assume the death of Earth's lungs won't affect us.

The Amazon rainforest is one of the reasons why Earth has managed to stay alive, and we need to save it and it's animal and wildlife inhabitants.

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Many of us need coffee to survive on a daily basis, so this news is a tad bit worrying and we might've had to down three espressos just to process it.

Recent reports from the Foreign Agricultural Service have suggested that there could be a shortage of coffee coming soon (nooooo) and they created a new global coffee production report to show what is going on with our beloved caffeinated drink.

Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer in the world and unfortunately is suffering a drought. So, the latte you get every morning in Butler's may be effected. 

However, we seem to have some sort of coffee angel up there as Vietnam, Indonesia and Honduras are currently experiencing the ideal weather for growing coffee. Score!

So it might not be as bad as we expected, but still, a coffee shortage sure sounds pretty scary. 


Still very much an up-and-coming rap artist, Tyga is surely eager to secure as many gigs as he possibly can.

But he's now had to cancel no fewer than three heavily-publicised performances that were scheduled to take place in a matter of days in Brazil. 

The reason? Well, the furious organisers are placing the blame solely at the feet of the 25-year-old's teenager girlfriend, Kylie Jenner.

In a statement made to Mail Online, the promoters said Tyga’s reps had informed them "he would not be coming to Brazil for his shows because he was stopped by his current girlfriend, media personality and socialite Kylie Jenner".

"We are very upset in finding out an artist lacks the professionalism and the love for Brazilian fans, and allows something personal to interfere with his work schedule," they added.

They furthermore claimed that they were only informed of the change in plans earlier this week – with the gigs themselves due to take place from tomorrow in Sao Paulo.

Brazilian fans, however, have been a lot more scathing, with streams of them taking to online platforms to mock the rapper and his reality TV star love.

"Kylie didn’t let you come to Brazil because she was worried you’d swap her for a Brazilian," one tweeted to Tyga earlier today.

Also on Twitter, a second fan asked: "Was she afraid he would find someone with a bigger butt than hers?!"

Famous Brazilian beauties include Victoria's Secret models Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen.

And for the last three years, Miss Brazil has finished in the Top 10 at the Miss World contest, while the Brazilian contestant has every year since 2011 also finished in the Top 15 at Miss Universe.

As well as damage to his reputation, Tyga will now have to cough up a hefty fine to the organisers of his Brazilian concerts. Here's to hoping Ms Jenner might offer him a loan…



Irish folk are famed for a great many great things – although whether dancing is one of them is somewhat questionable.

A wedding, on a night out, or attending a festival; the moves on offer on homesoil are less Rio Carnival, and more Roscrea carousal.

Not that we mind – because unchoreographed craic is part of what makes the country great.

However, just every so often, it’s nice to turn our hands to something a little different – namely a spot of Brazilian-inspired samba.

Last month, talented Irish-Brazilian bossa band Nova Collective hit Dun Laoghaire pier to record a video for their new single, Samba De Amor. And with the help of director Tom Speers they managed to rope in some unsuspecting locals too.

"Our concept with this one was very simple: can Irish people dance like a Brazilian?" the band said afterwards. 

Well, suffice to say we're totally in love with the results.

For those not yet in the know, Nova Collective is led by outstanding pianist Louis Ryan, and boasts a lineup of exceptional jazz, traditional Irish, classical and Latin musicians. 

Their live shows often involve more than music (spectators are always in for a treat) and they're poised to play the Sugar Club on Sunday, August 16.

You can check out ensemble.ie/novacollective and their Facebook page for more details





Bob is the Golden Retriever from Brazil that is making our hearts totally melt right now.

When you usually think “dog” and “bird” in the same sentence, the image that springs to mind is not the most pleasant one.

But not with Bob, oh no. Bob is best friends with all the animals.

Photos of the gorgeous 1 year and 9 month old retriever chillin’ with a few furry friends have gone viral, and you can easily see why. 

Can it get any cuter than this?


Striking his "Noah's Ark" pose

It's not just birds. Bob loves hamsters too 

It's official – we are in love




Kim, Khloe, and even 17-year-old Kylie are known for their generous backsides – which they're happy to flaunt in tight attire.

But as Kendall, 19, proves not every member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan assumes that bigger is better.

The catwalk model is currently in Brazil, where Le Lis Blanc, a clothing company, is launching its new collection.

Earlier today, she posted an image to her Instagram account which shows her donning a teeny-tiny pair of shorts paired with a chic matching jacket.


strawberry swing

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The black two-piece set was adorned with silver embroidery, beading, and embellished floral detail.

On full view are Kendall's toned legs, as well as a glimpse of her perfect derriere. And evidently her many fans liked what they saw: the image notched up 1.2m likes in just six hours.

Her half-sister Kim also loves to flaunt her curves in a series of intimate selfies – the most famous of which she took in late 2013 shortly after the birth of her daughter, North. 

In it, the reality TV star can be seen donning a white leotard that rides high on her bottom. She also sports sun-kissed blonde tresses and a deep tan, not to mention plenty of side-boob.

Meanwhile, both Khloe and Kylie have more recently become notorious for also showing-off their gorgeous shapes.

Although, because of her young age, teenager Kylie has attracted criticism for her sometimes racy photographs, which often leave little to the imagination.

It was even rumoured earlier this year that the young star had spent thousands on butt implants.

“Kylie’s always wanted a butt to match her sister’s,” a source told the US edition of OK magazine last month. “She’s thrilled with the results and isn’t holding back from showing it off.”


OK we’re going to be honest here: we weren’t overly keen on Kim Kardashian’s blonde hair.

It wasn’t awful – her features mean she can probably pull-off even the most extreme styles – but ultimately, darker locks got our vote every time.

Until, that is, we saw her hot-off-the-presses Vogue Brasil cover: big dark eyes, smouldering to the camera – and totally gorgeous with her mop of platinum blonde tresses.

In fact, we dare say this is one of our favourite Kimmy looks to date.

And evidently Vogue Brasil agreed: the publication released not one but two different Kim Kardashian covers for its June 2015 body issue, which hit shelves yesterday.

Late last night, she also posted a behind-the-scenes video clip from the shoot – which took place in Brazil several weeks ago.

It depicts the reality TV star as a 1960s screen goddess; applying mascara and layers of lipstick.


Vogue Brasil

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When she first went blonde in March, Ms Kardashian’s colourist, Lorri Goddard, told Us Weekly that it was just the right time for a colour “adventure”.

Apparently the process took nearly four hours, and Lori also stated that the super-light hue was “glamorous, rebellious, sexy, and chic”.



The town of Noiva do Cordeiro in Brazil has a population of about 600 women aged between 20-35 years old. It was founded in the 1890s by a woman who was excommunicated for adultery, and gradually became a popular destination for other women who had also been shunned from their hometowns – and understandably so.

Ever since, it’s been mostly a female only residence. Some women are married but their husbands are only allowed to return to the town at weekends, and male children are sent off once they turn 18-years-old. All town politics are run by women too – the men aren’t allowed to take part.

However, while this may sound like a dream town to some, there’s one big problem. The single women in the town can’t find any men to date!

So they’re putting the word out there. Nelma Fernandes, who is 23-years-old and lives in the town says: "I haven’t kissed a man for a long time. We all dream of falling in love and getting married. But we like living here and don’t want to have to leave the town to find a husband. We’d like to get to know men who would leave their own lives and come to be a part of ours. But first they need to agree to do what we say and live according to our rules.”

Ah, wouldn’t every relationship be just perfect if all men agreed to do what we say and lived according to our rules? Take it from us ladies, you’ll have a tough time finding men like this!



Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, has once again become the face of make-up brand Maybelline. The Brazilian beauty was the face of the brand from 2003 to 2009, so she is already a pro.

Talking about the role, Adriana said: “It’s wonderful to be part of the Maybelline New York brand again. I am proud to say that I am a Maybelline girl, and I look forward to the work we will do together. The imagery is always beautiful and positive which is what I admire most about the brand. To be a part of that again is a dream come true!”

Others celebs to have worked with Maybelline include Jourdan Dunn who is the current spokesperson and Christy Turlington.

The 33-year-old stunner will be appearing in TV and print ads from this summer and it seems that Jerome Bruhat, global brand president of Maybelline New York, is smitten with the beauty.

Talking about her role, Jerome describes her as being a true “Maybelline woman”, saying: “Globally, women admire not only Adriana’s beauty but also her commitment to helping those in need. We are honoured to partner with her again. Her passion for life and positive energy is undeniable. She truly is a Maybelline woman.”



The World Cup has suddenly thrown Brazil into the spotlight and everyone is watching it in all its glory.

However, there is way more to the city than several albeit gorgeous men kicking a football around, One part of Brazil has been kept a secret – a beauty regime that might stun even the most hardened beauty fanatic.

In hair salons all across the country, women are burning their hair in a treatment known as velaterapia.

This involves putting the hair into sections, twisting it and putting a flame underneath to make the damaged hair stick out which are then snipped. We are terrified at the very thoughts of this happening to our beautiful hair.

Apparently, the burning makes the hair more receptive to conditioning treatments and only takes about three hours.

We might give this a try the next time we are passing through Brazil.



Whether you care about the FIFA World Cup or not, one thing is for sure the majority of us will be watching the star studded opening ceremony.

But it seemed uncertain yesterday on whether or not, the great J-Lo would still be performing in Brazil for the opening ceremony. Rumours began to spread that the star had pulled out, due to poor stage conditions.

But fear not J-Lo fans, as her rep. has now confirmed that the 44-year-old singer will be joining Pitbull and Claudia Leitte on Thursday.

The rep. revealed that Jennifer Lopez always wanted to perform at the World Cup Opening ceremony.

“We have been trying to work out scheduling and logistics. Any statements to the contrary were premature. Jennifer would not want to disappoint her fans or fans of (football). She will be there.”

This comes after statements were released by both FIFA and supposedly J-Lo’s own rep. that she wouldn’t be performing at the ceremony.

Either ways, we can’t wait to see what’s in store this Thursday!



Rio is not all about football!  Here are 10 things to you need to see and do if you are heading to the South American city this summer:

Corcovado – Christ the Redeemer
Rio’s most famous attraction should definitely be on your list.

Ipanema Beach
Clean sand, blue water – what more could you want?!

Copacabana Beach
Even if it’s just to sing the song.

Sugar Loaf Mountain
If only to say you climbed the Sugar Loaf in South America and Wicklow.

Santa Teresa Tram
Experience a little bit of history in Rio’s oldest form of transportation – the tram.

Bar Urca
After your trip up the Sugar Loaf, head here for a well deserved beer and some food.

Meza Bar
Not into the club scene? Here you get to sit at a table and still enjoy DJ sounds.

The Maze
This guesthouse right on the top of a hill will allow you to experience decent jazz music and one hell of a view.

Parque Lage
This mansion built in the 1800s is home to a fantastic tropical garden that you need to visit.

For the real South American feel hit Lapa – the samba capital of Brazil.