Kardashians DISGUSTED over Kris Jenner’s nearly nude photo shoot


When daughters Khloé and Kourtney walked in on their mum’s nearly nude photo shoot (she was wearing  see through dress which left nothing to the imagination) it’s no surprise they were a little taken aback!

Kourtney asked her: “Why are your tits out? That’s so embarrassing for your life and for your soul.”

With Khloé adding rather venomously: “Is your vagina out? You are so gross.”

She also joined Kim to one of her pole dancing classes, which didn’t go down too well with her newly wed daughter:

“My mom invites herself to do stripper pole class. It was so embarrassing.

“I think she is so funny and amazing. But my mom literally copies everything I do. I posted this swimsuit picture and then mom posted a swimsuit picture right afterwards. I mean, I get it, but come on.”

However, Kris Jenner is only human and her daughter’s unkind words made their mark. She told Kim:

“I’m so sick of you guys making fun of me. It hurts my feelings.”

We can’t imagine being too pleased if our mothers were carrying on like this either, but perhaps the girls should choose their words a bit more carefully next time!

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