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Renowned photographer, Terry Richardson, has reportedly been dropped by a number of leading fashion magazines amid allegations of inappropriate behaviour on set.

The 52-year-old is known for his sexually explicit imagery and has been accused of sexual harassment in the past – though he has continually denied the these allegations.

A recent article published in The Sunday Times posed the question; “Why is Terry Richardson still feted by fashionistas?,” and argued that the fashion industry should take a stand against the accused, just like women in Hollywood have done against producer, Harvey Weinstein.

And now, according to The Telegraph, executive president and chief operating officer of Conde Nast International, James Woolhouse, has called on the presidents’ of magazines including Vogue, GQ, Glamour and Vanity Fair, to cancel any work they had planned with the photographer.

The email, reportedly sent on Monday morning, read: “I am writing to you on an important matter. Condé Nast would like to no longer work with the photographer Terry Richardson.”

“Please could you confirm that this policy will be actioned in your market effective immediately. Thank you for your support in this matter.”

The father-of-three has worked with many high-profile stars including Beyoncé, Rhianna and Lady Gaga, and has directed a number of music videos including Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball.

Terry previously adressed the claims made against him in a 2014 Huffington Post article, saying: “I collaborated with consenting adult women who were fully aware of the nature of the work, and as is typical with any project, everyone signed releases.

“I have never used an offer of work or a threat of rebuke to coerce someone into something that they did not want to do.”

Both Terry and Conde Nast International are yet to issue statements about the reported dismissal.



Terry Richardson is used to having still-teenaged women take off much of their clothing and pose up for him in a provocative manner.

Now it seems that Pia Mia is no different. 

Indeed, she is firmly following in the footsteps of her BFF Kylie Jenner, who marked her 18th birthday with her own eyebrow-raising Richardson shoot, as seen in Galore magazine earlier this month.

Miley Cyrus, 22, did something similar two years ago: the resulting snaps caused oodles of controversy at the time, which presumably is what everyone involved wanted. 

By comparison, 19-year-old Pia Mia's just-seen snaps are relatively tame, although they still boost plenty of Terry trademarks – pouting lips; open mouths, and sprawled legs.

Very much a rising star, Ms Mia scored her first hit earlier this year with Do It Again, which featured Tyga and Chris Brown. The accompanying video has also now notched up 75million views on YouTube. 




Tan tights were an essential in any pale Irish teen's wardrobe. They gave a great faux-glow in the days before Sally Hansen was widely available, but they also unfortunately gave your legs the startlingly uniform look of a shop-window mannequin. Awkward.

We like to think we've moved on from buying tights in a shade of "Sunkissed Glow" these days, but Miley Cyrus has us thinking we might have turned our backs too quickly!

The singer is the new face of Italian hosiery company Golden Lady, and she is looking great in the newest campaign pictures.

In a leather jacket and crop top, Miley rocks a pair of nude tights pulled right up to her waist. As any Irish girl knows, that's the ONLY way to wear tights – though it's usually under a skirt or a dress!

The Rock Your Legs campaign was shot by Miley's good pal Terry Richardson – yes the same lad who snapped her as she bared pretty much everything in a skimpy red leotard:

We must say, we prefer her when she's covered up, even if it is only in a pair of tan tights!



There's no doubt about it – Mariah Carey looked smokin’ hot in Terry Richardson’s finished photos, but Jezebel have reportedly obtained exclusive un-retouched photos from the shoot, and let’s just say, Photoshop played a big part in the final product.

Mariah’s skin was darkened, her waist pulled in, her hair was given more volume, her boobs made bigger – basically, the Photoshop fairies fixed her up good and proper.

Do you agree with the photos being retouched, or do you think they are selling an unattainable ideal? Should Mariah simply have chosen a more flattering outfit and left the Photoshop behind? Let us know!



Lady Gaga has apparently had to stop the release of her music video for her song, Do What U Want, due to the sexual assault and harassment allegations surrounding Terry Richardson, the director of the video.

The video which was believed to be shot in September features a duet with R.Kelly, who acts as a doctor to a sick Lady Gaga in the video.

The song faced scepticism even before its release, due to sexual controversies surrounding R.Kelly himself.

TMZ managed to obtain a short clip of the controversial video, which is sure to raise some eyebrows.

Warning the clip below does contain some graphic content.


Another model steps forward claiming Terry offered sex in exchange for Vogue cover. Watch SHEmazing! TV’s Breaking News report for the full low-down.


SHEmazing! TV offers you your daily 90 second update rounding up the showbiz news!

Today’s highlights include Lindsay collaborating with Terry Richardson for a steamy photoshoot, ENews’ Giuliana Rancic on her new memoirs,  Emma Stone pulling faces on the red carpet, Cara Delevigne and Michelle Rodriguez getting steamy in Cancun and finally Janice Dickinson is up to her eyes in debt. Watch the video for the full report.



Photographer Terry Richardson has come under much scrutiny over the past few months with many claims from models and other sources that he is a “pervert” and stories of things that have happened on photoshoots.

Terry wrote a piece entitled ‘Correcting the Rumours’ which was printed in full by The Huffington Post on Friday hoping to clear his name and allow people a glimpse into the type of photographer that he is.

“Four years ago, I chose to primarily ignore a cycle of internet gossip and false accusation against me … when these allegations resurfaced over the past few months, they seemed especially vicious and distorted … an emotionally charged witch hunt.”

“I have come to relaise that absent my voice in the conversation, all that remains are lies.”

The photographer has shot many famous faces from Miranda Kerr, Jared Leto to Obama and even directed Miley’s infamous ‘Wrecking Ball’ video.

Terry finished the piece saying: “I can only hope for this discourse to be informed by fact, so that whether yo love my work, or hate it, you give it, and me, the benefit of the truth.”



Lea Michele has found a way to shed her good-girl image once and for all. Posing for V Magazine in a photo-shoot by controversial photographer Terry Richardson, Lea bares (almost) all!

We’re not sure how he does it but Terry seems to have a knack for getting even the most unlikely of stars to pose provocatively! There’s no doubt that Lea looks amazingly stunning but do you think it’s too much?

The actress and singer is currently promoting the upcoming release of her first album, Louder, in March.