If you're somebody who doesn't or can't drink, you probably know the struggle of trying to keep up with your plastered mates on New Years. 

You can go to the pub or club with them, but ultimately you'll either lose them or grow bored of their drunken antics. 

But for those who want to socialise, soberly, on New Years this year, there is another option. 

The Funky Seomra is an alcohol-free nightclub that has been running for the past seven years, yet mainly goes unnoticed. 

However, this year it's planning to be bigger and better than ever. 

The group is hosting an event at Filmbase in the heart of Dublin's Temple Bar. The night will begin at 9pm and run until 2.30am, with tickets going for €15 or €12 from here

There will be two dancefloors, three DJs, a smoothie bar and an organic cafe from The Happy Pear… Which sounds absolutely deadly, right?! 

David Mooney, the club organiser, said that these features will make the event unlike any other.

"Having massages, musicians, cafes, all makes it a very, very different atmosphere," he told The Journal

“New Year’s Eve is our busiest night. The people who come before know what to expect, but other people are a bit unaware.

“But you’re all in it together because you’re in the middle of Temple Bar but you’re the only place with no drink.”