7 life-changing resolutions that you can ACTUALLY stick to

We all know the deal; every New Year we try to make these promises to ourselves and by January 10, they're ALL gone out the window. 

We know the usual resolutions are to get in shape, eat healthier and work harder but sometimes there are other resolutions that can be life-changing. 

So, if you want a promise that you can actually stick to this year, here's a list of things that will actually make a BIG difference: 

1. Stop procrastinating

This is probably one of the biggest barriers that keep people from reaching their goals and once you get into a habit of procrastinating, it can be hard to snap out of it. 

There are a few life hacks to keep you from putting things off, but once the procrastination barrier is out of the way, getting into shape or whatever you want to do will become much easier. 


2. Meet new people

Most of us will go through stages of being stuck in a little rut and we usually end up staying at home a lot. 

But meeting new people can be majorly beneficial to your well-being and it can even help you in your career. You never know who is just around the corner!


3. Reduce Stress

They say that stress is one of the biggest killers out there; it can have a destructive effect on your relationships and indeed, your life. 

It may be one of the unavoidable features of life, but if you manage it well, everything will become SO much easier. 


4. Get more sleep

Sleep is something many of us are deprived of, even though we need it to function. 

But with smart TVs, social media and all sorts of gadgets glowing our way, it's hard to get enough shut-eye at night. You should be trying to hit eight hours of sleep every night, but if you can't shut off, try these simple tricks


5. Spend more time with people that matter

It seems like everyone is always busy, and this can cut into time being spent with family and friends. 

Try to organise more bonding time with the people that matter and don't let anything pass you by. 


6. Learn to let go of grudges and stop moaning

This is easier said than done. It takes a lot to overcome diversity, but sitting around a moaning is just counterproductive. 

If you have a big fight with someone over a small issue, try to work it out. Forgiveness is much healthier than being bitter and angry. 


7. Turn your hobby into your job

If you're tired of working in a job you hate, then it may be time for change. Starting new is never easy, but if you're passionate about something and have the drive to make it a reality, it'll work out and you'll never regret it.