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We've had our fair share of nails trends in 2016 – going from plants growing from your nail buds to organic nail polish that you can lick right off.

But the latest nail trend just looks so rancid, we don't know why anyone would want them on their fingers.

A nail technician wanted food to meet beauty, and designed nails from nothing but chocolate icing.

Now, we know chocolate icing is delicious and everything, but do you really want that smudging all over the place.

Jessie Mills created these nails months ago, but have only really caught on on social media this week.

Jessie uses a mix of dark and white chocolate, caramel icing and edible silver balls to create the looks.

But before we get carried away with saying how rotten it looks, Jessie admits that she just did it for a bit of fun and they're not actually meant for everyday wear.

Still though… ew.



If your plan on dressing up for Halloween, why not try some spooky nail art to really polish off your costume?

Alternatively, Halloween nails are a great way to get in the festive spirit, without committing to a full-on costume.

Check out our nine favourite Halloween nail looks…

Image result for halloween nails

Pumpkin nails

Add some Halloween tradition to your manicure with cute little pumpkin faces.


New video! Tutorial for these cute Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins for Halloween. Link in bio x

A video posted by Hannah Weir (@thenailtrail) on

Bloody nails

Channel your inner vampire with some blood-dripping nails.

Spooky faces

Try out some spooky faces on your nails, like this set inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas.  

Ghoulish escape

These 3D nails are super creepy, and super cool.


Keep you Halloween nails simple by using a dark blood red shade.

Spider webs

These nails are gorgeous and classic, with a simple spooky twist. LOVE.

Frankenstein nails 

Our favourite zombie included in our nail routine? Yes please!

Halloween colours

Your nails don't have to be spooky or scary.  Try embracing the Halloween colours, to create a wonderful set of nails.

Black with crosses

Another twist on what would be a classic black nail.



We’ve seen a lot of strange beauty trends over the last few years, but the new “polish mountain” challenge has to be one of the weirdest.

Bilingual blogger Cristine – who runs the site Simply Nailogical – posted a video to YouTube just over a week ago which has since been viewed over eight million times.

The video shows Cristine applying 116 layers of nail polish to her own nails in an attempt to go to “polish mountain” on behalf of her fans.

On her blog, the quirky Canadian describes the situation as follows: “So I went to polish mountain for you, now let me be your guide! You guys challenged me to put on as many coats of nail polish as I could, so I listened because I'm all for useful intelligent hack videos.”

“These are way more attractive than bubble nails if you ask me. It's like a jawbreaker for your nails. Honestly I got so hungry during the 12+ hours filming this that I might have tried to eat them."

Once the results had been revealed, the YouTube star – who has “two fluffy children that some people call cats” – then challenged her 1.4 million followers to “out-coat” her. 

She asked her fans to pile on the polish before hashtagging POLISHMOUNTAIN to show her the results.

Judging by Cristine's original attempt, Polish Mountain is about to get weird – if anyone actually accepts the challenge, that is.


Pink flamingos, disco balls, super-sound staff and EPIC nail art… there's a reason South William St salon Tropical Popical is fast becoming a Dublin staple.

When we're not lusting over their Instagram page (or eyeing up the tees from their new Tropical Popical Shopical range), we're sneakily plotting how we can just move in without anyone noticing.

Here are just a few of the reasons Tropical Popical is our go-to…

1. Lilt from a coconut cup is served up as standard
Forget the nails, we're already happy out with that.


2. Want Craig David-themed nails? No biggie.
What's that? Oh, just Craig's perfect likeness on my thumb nail.


Anyone else sweating for @craigdavid tonight? @aislinnellen is!!! #CraigDavid by @glamglamniamh

A photo posted by Tropical Popical (@tropicalpopical) on


3. Tropical fruit nails? Yup, they've got you covered.
Craving watermelon right now.


Ultimate #tropical mix from @glamglamniamh #TropicalPopical #NOTD #NailArt #PalmTreeNails #WatermelonNails

A photo posted by Tropical Popical (@tropicalpopical) on


4. The staff there are gas tickets
We want to work there, please.


5. You can now buy all kinds of Tropical Popical merch from their online shop
Flip-flops, amazing tees (like this one for €30) and fluro jewellery: need, need and need. Shop the whole range here.


6. Oscar-nominated Saoirse Ronan is their number one fan
As she repeatedly told Ellen DeGeneres recently.


7. And the Lord Mayor of Dublin can't get enough of them either
She was contacted directly by a VERY happy customer.

Basically, we just want to move in.

Check out the salon for yourself by booking at hello@tropicalpopical.com, and head to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all kinds of manicure madness. 

Plus, feast your eyes on the Tropical Popical Shopical range on their website here.



Even if your costume's not on point (or you forgot to get one), all is definitely not lost this Halloween.

Spooky make-up or manicures can go a long way to transforming your look, and with that in mind we've rounded up some of the best Halloween nail tutorials on the internet.

From simple to a little more technical, there's something for everyone in here.

Orange and Black Splatter Nails
Get the look here.


Spiderweb Nails
More info here.


Jack Skellington Nails
The tutorial below explains all.


Gory Bloody Nails
Get the look here.


Spooky Eye Matte Nails
All info here.


Black Cat French Manicure
Get the look here.


Black and Gold Ombre Glitter Nails
Find out how here.



We all love chic and trendy nails – but at New York and London Fashion Week, nail art reached a whole new level. 

Debuted at the Spring 2016 fashion shows, you can now probably get these designs at any good nail salon. Expect A LOT of stripes and metallic colours this season, as they were used in nearly every catwalk.

Your nails are about to be the most stylish thing you'll be wearing this autumn. 

Brown and silver stripes at Phillip Lim


Multicoloured stripes at Tanya Taylor


Triangular tips at Cushnie et Ochs


Chic white nails with single black line at Marissa Webb


Tiny pineapples at Zang Toi


Separated french tip at Tibi


Electric prints at Libertine


Outlined nails at Jonathan Simkhai


Black circles at Adam Selman


Cobalt blue negative space at Chromat


Crocodile-inspired nails at Sophie Theallet


Barely there colour at Michael Kors


Paint-splattered nails at Nicole Miller


Two-toned ombré at Rebecca Minkoff


Deep-dipped tips at Wes Gordon



Have you seen the latest beauty trend to hit social media yet?

It’s kind of hard to miss to be honest. Bubble nails have been popping up all over Instagram in the last week in all of their curvaceous wonder.


A photo posted by Ella Manninen (@elboou) on

Also known as ‘hump nails’, this nail art uses a round of acrylic at the centre of the nail shaped into a bubble like dome.

While it seems to only be picking up traction in the last week or so, Nails Magazine has said that this trend is one that has been doing the rounds since 2009.

In the magazine a nail technician from the U.S Hoa Bui, describes in more details how the technique is achieved.

"Bubble nails require building and sculpting of the acrylic until you get the look your client wants to achieve. You have to know exactly where the hump is supposed to be, then slowly build the nails.”

According to Hoa Bui the curve “has to be perfect”. While there’s no doubt that #curvesonfleek are obviously a big winner this year.

However, despite it being quite a precise technique, twitter users are not so convinced of its glory:

Can we take a moment to consider the practical side of things?

How does one text, for example? How do take your rings off? Can you unbutton your jeans? 

We have a lot of questions about this.



We all love to try our hand at a bit of nail art, and now it is going to be a LOT easier than you might think!

Aldi are set to launch their Lacura Beaded Nail Art Set in February, complete with an applicator funnel – how fun!

The sets will come in two types; Rainbow and Jewel. Rainbow is a super fun set with a pink and red block coloured nail polishe base and Hundreds and Thousands-esque beads which we are obsessed with.

The Jewel set comes in a black nail polish base complete with black and gold beads, perfect for a night out with the girls.

Aldi are set to release the gorgeous nail sets in their Irish stores in February and at €4.99 each they are perfectly affordable.

No doubt they will be snapped up in no time so don’t leave it too late! 




With autumn comes a whole bucketload of new style choices, and we say, why stop at your clothes?

Let your nails reflect the changing seasons with these gorgeous colour palettes and designs…

1. Floral fancy
We love the deep red accents in this look, and the cute floral design reminds us of falling autumn leaves!

2. A Saturday night twist
Just because you're using more muted colours doesn't mean your nails have to be boring! Ombre-style glitter is much more subtle than a full on sparkling nail, too:

3. Get geometric
This geometric pattern is a great way to add a lighter shade to an otherwise vampy look!

4. Tribal touches
Who said grey has to be dull? These ethnic designs are a great year-round option:

5. Think Pink
October is breast cancer awareness month, so have some fun with your nails to show your support!




Creating the perfect manicure can often be more costly than you anticipate. CND are here to provide the top DIY tips for your perfect cost effective manicure.

Make polka dots with the tip of a bobby pin

  • Choose two nail colours of your choice. For A/W we recommend using CND’s new A/W Modern Folklore Collection in Crimson Sash and Locket Love.
  • First, paint your nails in the base colour Crimson Sash.
  • Wait for your nails to dry for two minutes.
  • Get a bobby pin and dip it into the Locket Love as this is what you will be using for your dots.
  • Apply the VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat to give your polish that week long effect.

Add corn starch to clear nail polish to create a matte top coat

  • Take a bottle of clear nail polish that is at least 25% empty.
  • Using a makeshift funnel made from rolled paper, add a teaspoon of cornstarch to the bottle of nail varnish.
  • Shake the bottle to mix the cornstarch with the clear polish. Take note that this will involve a lot of shaking.
  • Allow the polish to sit for 24 hours

Write on your nails with a sharpie pen

  • To begin, choose a base colour of your choice. Try out the CND VINYLUX Modern Folklore Collection in Rose Brocade. Taking a Sharpie pen in a colour of your choice draw any design you wish.

Create a glitter French manicure

  • Taking a nail glitter pen of your choice draw a stripe along your French manicure tip to dress it up and cover up those uneven lines.

Paint over lace to create an easy design

  • Once you have your French manicure complete place a sheet of lace over each nail.
  • Using a white nail polish of your choice, we suggest CND VINYLUX in Cream Puff, paint a thin layer on the outer side of the lace and voilá you have French manicured nails with a beautiful lace design.




Cuti-CLUE-les was set up by Róisín who needed an outlet to express her love of nail art. It all started about three years ago when she was online unsuccessfully trying to find polish swatches. It was then that she came across nail polish blogs and Cuti-CLUE-les was born: "The one thing I noticed is that Irish beauty blogs tend to be all about make-up but it was hard pressed to find a nail polish blog at that time and the main brands like OPI and China Glaze that most international bloggers talk about aren't readily available here."

SHEmazing! caught up with Róisín to get the lowdown on her tips, hints and nail polish secrets.

What is your best budget-friendly nail polish brand?

At the moment I would say Catrice. They update their collection every couple of months and they have a great selection of colours and finishes. They cost around €3 so are very affordable. Price aside, the formula on Catrice is pretty consistent. Rarely do I come across one that needs four coats, they dry fairly quickly and last a good amount of time without chipping. Price does not dictate quality for the most part when it comes to nail polish. 

What is your top nail polishing tip?
When you go to paint your nails, do one stroke on the middle of your nail, one to the left and one to the right. This will help to prevent any streaks and you will get a nice even layer of polish on your nail. I’ve found this method gives the best results and it really reduces the amount of mistakes you make, so less time spent cleaning up your nails.

What is your favourite nail polish brand and why?
My favourite brand has changed a lot over the few years I've been painting my nails. Based on the sheer amount that I own, I would have to say Catrice nail polishes are my favourite. When I first got into nail polish and doing nail art, Catrice was the only brand I would look at. It's fairly easy to find in Ireland and they have a huge variety of polishes. Some of my absolute favourite polishes come from Catrice including, "Have an Ice Day" which is a holographic topper that I just heard is being re-released. Catrice use a wide brush in their nail polishes and I find it makes painting my nails easier as I have fairly wide nail beds. 

What was your first nail polish?
I bought my first nail polish back in 2011. Before then I had no more interest in nail polish than I had in walking on the moon! It was around the time I first started reading nail polish blogs and it really fascinated me. The polish was Stargazer 105 and it is a shimmery navy blue. I still have it after all these years. I have to admit I don't wear it all that often but I still love it. 

What shade are you currently wearing?
At the moment I am wearing Nicole by OPI "Khloe had a little lam lam" from the Kardashian Kolors collection. This is the perfect teal nail polish. It applies beautifully and it's almost opaque in one coat. I know a lot of people don't have time for the Kardashian clan but they came out with some beautiful polishes. The polish was a present from Sharon at Behind Green Eyes who is one of my best blogger friends. It's one of the few polishes that I would wear for a week, take it off and re-apply it straight away. That’s pretty rare for me. I am in love with dark creme nail polishes at the moment. I think they make your nails look so elegant.

What are the three essentials for painting your nails
First off I need a good basecoat. This prevents the polish from further staining my nails. I paint my nails a lot so they are slightly stained although it's barely noticeable, thankfully. Next would be a good quick-dry topcoat. At the moment I'm using the Sally Hansen Insta-dri topcoat and it has really impressed me so far. Not only is it very affordable but it leaves your nails so glossy, like you've just came out of a salon. The last thing I would need when I paint my nails is a cheap concealer brush. This is an absolute must for cleaning up around your nail once you've painted them. Just dip it into nail polish remover and gently swipe away any mistakes. It gives you that nice clean curve around your cuticle and it makes your nails looks flawless. The Elf concealer brush is one of the best brushes for getting a nice clean edge.

Check out Róisín’s blog, Cuti-CLUE-les, and don’t forget to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Trends come and go so fast that you can be left feeling a little dizzy as one fad is replaced by another before you can even get on board with it. And it looks like this has happened to the nail art trend as the hand art trend becomes more In-Vogue!

In fact, it is Vogue that sees hand art becoming the top beauty trend to go for this season after  numerous celebrities and catwalk models were spotted with over exaggerated nail and hand art.

Vogue may be on the right track as singer Lorde was spotted with her fingertips covered in paint at the Grammys and Thom Browne’s models were spotted with a similar dramatic style during New York Fashion Week.

Model Jourdan Dunn has even gotten on board after she posted a hand art snap on her Instagram account with the caption: “Talk to the hands cause the face ain’t listening: today on set @maybelline”.

It does look pretty cool but no doubt will be gone before we’ve even taken out the painting supplies.