With autumn comes a whole bucketload of new style choices, and we say, why stop at your clothes?

Let your nails reflect the changing seasons with these gorgeous colour palettes and designs…

1. Floral fancy
We love the deep red accents in this look, and the cute floral design reminds us of falling autumn leaves!

2. A Saturday night twist
Just because you're using more muted colours doesn't mean your nails have to be boring! Ombre-style glitter is much more subtle than a full on sparkling nail, too:

3. Get geometric
This geometric pattern is a great way to add a lighter shade to an otherwise vampy look!

4. Tribal touches
Who said grey has to be dull? These ethnic designs are a great year-round option:

5. Think Pink
October is breast cancer awareness month, so have some fun with your nails to show your support!