Trends come and go so fast that you can be left feeling a little dizzy as one fad is replaced by another before you can even get on board with it. And it looks like this has happened to the nail art trend as the hand art trend becomes more In-Vogue!

In fact, it is Vogue that sees hand art becoming the top beauty trend to go for this season after  numerous celebrities and catwalk models were spotted with over exaggerated nail and hand art.

Vogue may be on the right track as singer Lorde was spotted with her fingertips covered in paint at the Grammys and Thom Browne’s models were spotted with a similar dramatic style during New York Fashion Week.

Model Jourdan Dunn has even gotten on board after she posted a hand art snap on her Instagram account with the caption: “Talk to the hands cause the face ain’t listening: today on set @maybelline”.

It does look pretty cool but no doubt will be gone before we’ve even taken out the painting supplies.