We've had our fair share of nails trends in 2016 – going from plants growing from your nail buds to organic nail polish that you can lick right off.

But the latest nail trend just looks so rancid, we don't know why anyone would want them on their fingers.

A nail technician wanted food to meet beauty, and designed nails from nothing but chocolate icing.

Now, we know chocolate icing is delicious and everything, but do you really want that smudging all over the place.

Jessie Mills created these nails months ago, but have only really caught on on social media this week.

Jessie uses a mix of dark and white chocolate, caramel icing and edible silver balls to create the looks.

But before we get carried away with saying how rotten it looks, Jessie admits that she just did it for a bit of fun and they're not actually meant for everyday wear.

Still though… ew.