MIC star ‘forgets’ she has boyfriend on recent night out


It looks like Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson's alcohol-induced amnesia may be getting the better of her lately.

While the stunning brunette is sometimes known to suffer from memory lapse after a few too many vinos, it seems her most recent session could have had a negative impact on her relationship.

Admitting that she didn't know who her own boyfriend was at a party recently, Louise revealed that alcohol was definitely to blame on that front.

Opening up about the rather embarrassing error, the reality star said: "I got drunk and asked 'So who's this weird American guy that keeps following me?'"

Telling the Mail on Sunday that she had assumed her boyfriend of over a year, Alik Alfus, was an over-eager stranger, the 25-year-old star admits that she had to be put on the straight and narrow by a pal, saying: "Then my friend tells me, 'Louise that's your boyfriend!"

We wonder what Alik made of that one!