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He’s been dubbed “a vile human being” by his ex, Nicola Hughes, but it seems that hasn’t curbed Lottie Moss’ interest in MIC’s Alex Mytton.   

After being spotted together for the fifth time in two weeks, fans are convinced that the reality star has launched a blossoming romance with Kate Moss’ little sister.

Last night, the famous pair made an appearance at a Breast Cancer Awareness month charity event and – according the Mail Online – 18-year-old Lottie is already well embedded in the Made in Chelsea crew after previously becoming involved with Alex’s friend Sam Prince.


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Alex’s tumultuous relationship with Irish model Nicola Hughes ended this summer after the 25-year-old DJ sent her a break-up text while she was holidaying with her family in Florence.

Lottie was last seen with her ex-boyfriend, Josh Goldin, in July.


Soirée! Pulling off the  emoji here!!

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In the past, the model has been linked with Too Good singer Conor Maynard and was reportedly flirting with Geordie Shore’s Ricci Guarnaccio on Twitter.


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While it is still very early days for Alex and Lottie, we think this could be one to watch.


New jacket from @urbanoutfitters ! Collar looking like Yoda's ear!! Ha

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Nicola Hughes certainly didn't hold back in her latest interview with New! magazine.

The reality star was left heartbroken when her boyfriend Alex Mytton split up with her, via text message, when she was on a family holiday in Florence.

The pair have been on and off for about two years now, but now Nicola says after their last fall out, it's totally over.


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"It was upsetting but then I laughed about it," she admitted.

"He's gross… a vile human."

However, that doesn't mean that her life is simple now that Alex is out of it. 

Nicola also admitted that while she's still single, she's been out on a few dates with one of Binky Felstead's exes.


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"I'm definitely single. I'm not seeing anyone but I have been on dates with one of Binky's exes, who she dated two years ago. She's so angry about it," she added.

Nicola also spoke out about the rumours of romance swirling around her and Cheryl's ex Jean Bernard.

"I didn't know who he was. I was in a bar called STK in London and a friend invited me over to his table. We exchanged numbers but there's nothing there. I don't want to be associate with him."

Ahh, all is fair in love and war, right?


With the glorious weather we've been experiencing, Nicola Hughes took to her local park this week, showing off her fab figure while sunbathing in a bikini.

However, one person is rather unimpressed with Nicola's display…

Having recently broken up, the Irish model's ex-fella, Alex Mytton, doesn't seem to be taking the break up well. 

Alex tweeted his 230k followers saying ‘Guys I may go to the park alone today..I may also get unchanged and changed again due to the heat, hope no one sees me, that would be s***.’

Harsh much?

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Nicola was seen yesterday strolling through the streets of London looking gorgeous in a cream bardot playsuit, and stunning golden locks from Gold Fever hair extensions. 

She seemed relatively happy and at ease for someone who had suffered major shade from her ex just days before. 


Little cute number from @missyempire ☀️ – http://bit.ly/2a3oEfO

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Nicola and Alex called it quits after a number of cheating rumours emerged earlier this year.

We're team Nicola! 


The next guest host set to front TV3's daily fashion and entertainment show is none other than model and reality star, Nicola Hughes. 

If you have been keeping up with the shenanigans in Made in Chelsea over the last two seasons, you will no doubt know Nicola as Alex Mytton's Irish girlfriend. 

And if the last few episodes are anything to go by, it seems there might be trouble in paradise for the attractive couple. 

However, Nicola's career in television continues to soar as the model has been picked up as a guest host for Xposé for three days starting tonight. 

Nicola made her TV debut on RTE's Series Exiles before heading over to make her mark on Chelsea. 

Already a longtime fan of the series, Nicola is chuffed to be joining the Xposé team. 

"I’ve seen working the red carpets over here in London so it’s really exciting to get the opportunity to work with them at home in Dublin."

And it seems that TV3 are also excited to have her. 

"Nicola is building her profile in the UK and is a big fan of Xposé. Her following on Instagram is testament to her growing popularity," says producer of the show, Daniel Readman.

We know Nicola is well able to cause a fight on reality TV, but we can't wait to see how she does as a presenter. 


She wasn't included in the lineup for Made In Chelsea's Los Angeles spin-off – which is currently being filmed with the rest of the regular cast. 

But despite seemingly being snubbed by producers, Nicola Hughes was nevertheless happy to jet out to California to spend time with her boyfriend of a year, MIC bad boy Alex Mytton – while he gets on with filming.

Over the weekend, the duo – who met in a Kildare nightclub – toasted their union, also hitting Disneyland yesterday.

The Dublin model posted a snap to Instagram of her and Alex donning novelty Mickey Mouse ears, complete with the caption "happy anniversary".

And despite being able to enjoy a lengthy break Stateside, she told Goss.ie yesterday that her schedule was simply too hectic to take part in MIC this summer.

“I’m not in the show, I wasn’t able to. I was too busy,” she said, adding that she visited friends in Santa Monica before meeting up with Alex more recently.

Ms Hughes also confirmed to the same Irish-based website that she'll be be back for the next series of Made In Chelsea in London in the autumn. 

Sadly, his filming commitments mean that the love-birds can't live together in LA, but they're getting to spend plenty of time together nonetheless – with both stars regularly posting images of one another to their respective social media accounts.

Mr Mytton had a bad-boy reputation before finding his perfect match in Nicola; he notoriously cheated on his previous love, Binky Felstead, also a long-standing member of the same reality TV show.



Is that what we think it is? Oh why yes it is… it's Alex Mytton trying his best to Irish dance.

Irish model and Made In Chelsea star, Nicola Hughes, just posted a downright hilarious video of her terribly posh English boyfriend, Alex Mytton, attempting to get a bit of a céilí going.

And we think you'll agree, it makes for some truly excellent viewing…



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The video was posted from Co. Cavan, where Alex was clearly getting into the Irish spirit – or certainly trying to.

At least the couple themselves seem stronger than ever – both on screen and off. In a brand new interview with OK magazine, the pair open up about their feud with MIC's Jess Woodley, as well as their future together.

In the interview, the 25 year-old Dubliner admits that she felt betrayed when she found out that Jess, an ex of Alex’s and someone who Nicola had thought of as a friend, said she had "unfinished business" with him.


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“I didn’t know she fancied my boyfriend. I gave her the chance to tell me how she felt and she chose not to.”

But Jess’ crush on Alex doesn’t seem to have had too much of an impact on the couple, who admitted that they have talked about getting married and having kids in the future.

Alex even admitted: “I’ve thought about proposing to Nicola when I’ve been drunk.”

Oh we really hope that this happens on air! A Made In Chelsea wedding is exactly what we need. 


As a cast member of the hugely popular Made In Chelsea reality TV show, Nicola Hughes is witnessing her profile rapidly rise. And when filming for this series wraps up, she’s hoping to make the move into presenting.

“When I was in Canada filming for RTE’s Exiles show, I worked for a TV station out there. I was able to build up my show-reel, which is invaluable," she tells SHEmazing! "And Made In Chelsea is brilliant experience too. I’m learning lots about being in front of a camera and about all the technicalities and behind-the-scenes stuff that goes into producing a big show.”

Nicola Huges has been dating her Made In Chelsea co-star Alex Mytton for around eight months – and things have already moved fast. They’ve holidayed together and she now lives with him in central London. They’re both also met each other’s respective families and despite his one-time bad-boy reputation, they are very much loved-up.

Away from the parties and glamour of the London social scene, Nicola reveals that their perfect night out is actually a night in.

“We laze around like slobs!” she laughs."It’s just so hectic all the time that if we have an evening off we want to stay in – Alex DJs a lot as well so heading out to a club would feel a bit like work for him anyway. We're happy to just put our feet up and watch Fortitude.”

Nicola and Alex went horse-riding in Hyde Park for her birthday last month


Nicola also says that although she spent years – unsuccessfully – pestering her parents to get her a dog, she and Alex are unlikely to take the plunge into puppy parenthood anytime soon. “It’s actually something we’ve spoken about. But the timing’s not right. We live in an apartment and we both travel a good bit so it wouldn’t be fair. But one day when I have a house and a garden and all that, it’s definitely on the to-do list.”

She adds that she and Alex are hoping to go to Morocco later this year. “We had planned to go see the Northern Lights, but it didn’t work out in the end. Alex is dying to go to Morocco so hopefully that will pan out instead.

Nicola and Alex have holidayed together before 


“I’m not really a sun person – you’ll usually find me in the shade with a book and a big hat on. I like waiting until it’s evening time before emerging into the rays.”


Made In Chelsea’s newest star Nicola Hughes has been modelling since she was a teenager – but even years of experience in a notoriously cut-throat industry didn’t prepare her for television.

The Dubliner has exclusively told SHEmazing! that she’s much more conscious of how she looks since the show aired. “I’ve always had to be groomed – when you’re modelling you never know what the next gig will be so you have to be ready,” she explains. “And when we were filming I thought ‘Oh I am definitely a bit more self-aware of this or that angle’. But since Made In Chelsea has actually made it onto screens, I am much more critical of my appearance. I try not to worry too much, it’s part-and-parcel of television, I think.”

And although a trim size-8, Nicola admits too that with only a week to prepare for her stint on the reality TV show, the ninth series of which began showing on E4 earlier this month, she had to get into shape fast. “I ate green vegetables and nothing else that week,” she says. “You’re never going to build muscle or tone up massively in such a short space of time, but I did lose weight.”

She also says when she’s home in Dublin, she has a long list of beauty specialists she calls on. She explains that she hits the Beauty Parlour in Terenure for nails, Ceira Lambert in Shankill for Gold Fever hair extensions, the Lash Lounge in Dundrum, and Nu Essence in Dublin’s city centre for skin treatments. “I may as well be honest!” she laughs. “I’ve always been into my appearance like that.”

Nicola has been dating Alex Mytton since last September 

Nicola is currently splitting her time between London, where she lives with her boyfriend and fellow MIC cast member Alex Mytton, and her family home in Sandyford. Alex had a bad-boy reputation before finding his perfect match in Nicola; he notoriously cheated on his previous love, Binky Felstead, also a long-standing member of reality TV show. It's a history that, understandably, led to initial animosity between the two women.

Still, after meeting face-to-face, Nicola says she and Binky have cleared the air. “We’ll be fine,” she sighs. “It’s good that that first meeting is over and done with. She’s actually a nice girl.”

Binky Felstead is an ex of Nicola's boyfriend, Alex

And increasingly, the 25-year-old says she's more and more comfortable away from her native city – helped by the presence of school-friends. "I am a home-bird and I do get home-sick. But a load of my friends from Alexandra College are actually living in London now so I see them all the time. It makes you feel a lot more connected to life in Dublin."


Made In Chelsea star Alex Mytton revealed last week that he's far from happy about his ex Binky shacking up with one of his friends… but now it seems  Binky is hitting back!

Alex described the new relationship as "a low blow," saying he was angry he hadn't been consulted before his pal hooked up with Binky. "He was actually a friend of mine that I lived with for quite a while so I was a bit annoyed that he didn’t consult me," said Alex.

Now though, Binky has said she doesn't agree with Alex's comments – and that he gives as good as he gets!

"How dare he! I can't believe what he said," she told OK! magazine. "Mytton, really? You talking about a boy being a bad boy? Come on! The thing is, after everything he's done, does he really have the right to call someone shady?"

Binky eventually called time on her relationship with Alex last summer after losing patience with his constant partying and rumoured unfaithfulness. 

We hope her new man treats her a bit better! As for Alex, he is currently in a realtionship with Irish model Nicola Hughes, and say he has learnt from his mistakes. "I knew when I met Nicola I wasn’t going to let that happen again," he said of his tumultuous relationship with Binky.

Well… at least he learnt something from it!



Ooh, Made In Chelsea’s Alex Mytton may want us to think he is okay with his ex, Binky moving on, but we’re not so sure…

Alex was talking at a recent event when he revealed to OK! that his ex-girlfriend Binky, is now dating one of his friends. At first, Alex seems okay with it, saying: “She’s happy in a new relationship with a new guy who is actually one of my friends. I wasn’t annoyed because obviously I was the one that messed up the relationship so she can do what she wants.”

However, moments later it would seem the reality TV star had a change of heart, and he IS upset about it: “He was actually a friend of mine that I lived with for quite a while so I was a bit annoyed that he didn’t consult me. It was a bit of a low blow.”

A low blow? We’re pretty sure we recall a number of ‘low-blows’ you dealt to Binky last season, Alex!

The TV star is currently in a new relationship with Irish model Nicola Hughes, and has said that he has learnt from his relationship with Binky: “It was a massive thing to have it portrayed to the nation and family members. So I knew when I met Nicola I wasn’t going to let that happen again.”



Made in Chelsea star Alex Mytton has jetted off on a Greek holiday with Irish model Nicola Hughes.

Nicola, who works with Andrea Roche Models jetted out to Greece with Alex on Thursday and the pair are soaking up some sun together.

Nicola, who met Alex at a nightclub in Co Kildare last month, has been telling friends that he’s not the cheat that he’s made out to be on the reality show.

Alex split from MIC star Binky after she learned he had cheated on her more than *ahem, a few times.

And rumours are rife that Nicola could be featuring on the next series of reality show Made in Chelsea.

Good luck Nicola…you might just need it! 




Its official Binky Felstead and her boyfriend, Alex Mytton, have split up for good.

Binky’s sister A-L, who also stars in the MIC New York spin-off, said that both Binky and Alex have both called it quits on their relationship.

"They’re not together now. I didn’t actually see any of those scenes but all I know is that they’ve gone their separate ways now. I know it hasn’t been easy for her but she’s trying to move on and build up her confidence again."

Binky faced a lot of criticism for staying with Alex, despite all the cheating allegations surrounding him. A-L said it was difficult for her to see Binky in that relationship.

"Although it was blatantly obvious to me and mum what she was doing wasn’t right, her argument was that she had to learn these lessons herself. It was difficult but it seems that she’s come through it now."

But A-L says Binky has finally moved on and has even met some new people in New York.

"Well Binky certainly met people out in New York– they were off to the Hamptons and doing lots of things so I think she met a lot of new people. So yeah, I think she had a nice time when she was out there.”