Reality TV star drops a baby bombshell!


They may have only just reunited after a brief break-up, but it sounds like a baby may be on the cards for Louise Thompson and Alik Alfus!

The Made In Chelsea stars went through a difficult patch after Louise was accused of cheating, but she tells OK! that it is all behind them now: “I had to make changes for Alik and prove that it’s not going to happen again. And it won’t. He has been very forgiving.”

So forgiving it would seem, that the couple have even talked about babies! Louise says that although she’s young, it is something that has been brought up: “We’ve been joking about having children, but I’m only 24.”

Alik meanwhile, doesn’t seem a million miles away from the baby idea either, adding: “I’m not ready to be married, but I do love that girl, so we’ll see where that goes.”

Wow – now that is one couple we were NOT expecting to hear this kind of serious talk from quite yet! We wonder if Spencer will eventually leave her alone now that she is in a committed relationship, but Louise certainly doesn’t seem to think so: “He’s still quite touchy-feely, I think he does have a bit of a weird obsession with me.”