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It's safe to say they were the talk of the town on Celebrity Big Brother.

Much like Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis, the pair flaunted their relationship on-screen, but unlike Jez and Steph, they're not going to broadcast it now that they're out of the house.

According to a source close to the pair, Marnie and Lewis want to keep their relationship going and will keep the more intimate details private.


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"Lewis and Marnie are well aware what people are saying about their relationship. They know that things moved very quickly between them in the house but they truly believe what they have is genuine," the insider told The Sun Online.

"They both have enough experience in the industry to know that the way to persuade people they are for real is by not shoving it in their faces.


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"Of course they’ve been inundated with offers for mag shoots since leaving the house but despite some of the offers being very tempting, they have turned them all down so far. 

"Instead they plan on keeping their romance mostly to themselves without OTT shoots and endless interviews."

Even though we weren't so sure about them in the house, it seems like they're making the right decision now.



Even though Vicky Pattison has had a boob job, she claims that she will never have plastic surgery on her face.

The reality star previously admitted that her boobs were like, "sacks of fat, lacklustre sacks, Spaniels’ ears." However, she said that she'd never have work done on her face because "it’s not a look she goes for."

But now, Marnie Simpson told the MailOnline that she simply doesn't believe what Vicky says.

"To be honest I don’t know why Vicky’s not had anything done I’m quite surprised," The Geordie Shore star said.

"Every girl could do with a bit of lip filler just a tiny half a mil. I’m not going to say anything more."

It seems that all of the Geordie Shore girls are fans of plastic surgery as Holly Hagan and Charlotte Crosby have both had dramatic make-overs since the show started.



We've seen our fair share of catfights on Geordie Shore over the years, but you'll be shocked by what's to come on the next episode.

The reality show is set to air one of its most violent rows between Charlotte Crosby and Marnie Simpson.

It all started off when Char confronted Marnie about kissing newcomer Marty, just hours after he kissed housemate Chloe.

After a heavy-heated argument, the two girls drag each other to the floor and Marnie grabs Charlotte by the hair.

"You s**g. You s**g everyone's boyfriend!', Charlotte screams, while being held back by Gary.

Then security had to get involved and break up the fight between the girls. You'll be able to see the explosive row next Tuesday at 10pm on MTV.