Katie Price taunts her husband with pictures of ‘the other woman’

Despite the fact that Katie Price forgave her husband for having an affair with her best friend, she certainly doesn't let him forget it. 

The 38-year-old mum revealed that she regularly sends Kieran pictures of her former friend to tease and taunt him. 

"This is what you could have been with" she captions the photos of her former pal, Jane. 

Katie was speaking at an event from her book tour, where she described Jane as a "pig" and even admitted to physically attacking her when she discovered the affair.

“Jane is so familiar to me but when I think of her I think ugh. I look at her and it takes me back to the pain" she said at the evening event."

Katie also recalled the night she caught her husband cheating with her friend, saying: "I got the back of her head and her neck cracked and she didn't move and I thought f***… have I killed her?"

Katie Price and her hubby have since gotten back together and are working on their marriage.

Jane has not spoken to Katie since the cheating scandal came out.