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A Moroccan television station has been forced to apologise for broadcasting a makeup tutorial which encourages women to conceal injuries acquired through domestic violence.

Daytime TV show Sabihayat and its network 2M faced major backlash online after last week’s airing of the controversial segment which offered “beauty tips” to those who wish to “camouflage traces of violence”.

2M has since released a statement through its Facebook account admitting that the feature was “completely inappropriate” considering “the gravity of the subject of violence against women”.

Thousands of people signed a petition on Change.org calling for “severe sanctions” to be brought against the show for attempting to normalise domestic abuse.

“Do not cover domestic violence with makeup, condemn the aggressor,” wrote the page’s founder.

While the model used for the programme’s demonstration wore fake bruises, Twitter users were offended by the suggestion that victims of violence should hide the work of their abusers.

“Instead of giving women makeup tips to hide evidence of #domesticabuse, please teach men how not to abuse women,” wrote one woman.

“Host spends more time talking about the best brand of makeup to cover domestic violence bruises than the actual issue of domestic violence,” said another.




While her love of horses is well documented, it seems Katie Price doesn’t view all animals equally.

The former glamour model faced the wrath of her fans today after she used Instagram to boast about killing a bird while driving.

In a post captioned “Nice!! Just send I must of hit a bird (sic)”, the mother of five showed the dead animal wedged into the front of her car.

Naturally, the 38-year-old’s followers were upset by the image with many questioning her decision to post about the incident.

After a multitude of social media users criticised the “disgusting” shot, the television personality deleted it from her account.


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Katie's Instagram posts are often controversial.  Earlier this year, she was heavily criticised for using the site to promote her young children's careers.

She also used the platform to address rumours surrounding her relationship with Geordie Shore's Scotty T. 



There has been uproar over Beyoncé’s ‘100 most influential people’ Time magazine cover!

It’s one of the most sought-after magazine covers of the year, and Queen Bey was one of the people chosen for the famed spot.

But it seems people are outraged over the outfit chosen for the Drunk in Love singer for the cover shoot –  or lack of it rather!

Twitter was flooded with fuming comments not long after the magazine hit shelves last week.

“Couldn’t Beyoncé have worn clothes for her cover?” said one.

“Beyoncé…most influential person of 2014. Great, well done. But why does she have to be in her underwear?” tweeted another.

“I absolutely LOVE Beyonce but that outfit is SO Miley Cyrus,” pointed out one fan.

“Thigh-high boots, corsets, the teeniest of short shorts may be Beyoncé’s look du jour, but do they really have a place on Time magazine’s cover?” wrote blogger Brogan Driscoll on the Huffington Post.

“IMO it looks really sleazy and slutty and she is a mother that needs to be a better role model,” wrote another blogger.


The other cover stars are Robert Redford, the NBA’s first openly gay athlete Jason Collins, and General Motors CEO Mary Barra – all of whom are fully clothed.

Previously the list has been criticised for being dominated by men and this year includes 41 women, seven of whom are either actresses, singers or models.