Jodie Marsh got naked at the gym, and Instagram got CREEPY AF


Remember when Jodie Marsh decided to rock three strategically-placed belts during a red carpet event in the early noughties?

Well, it looks like the former glamour model has decided to pay tribute to that particular look by giving it an overhaul which better reflects her current passion – weightlifting.

In a move which turned Instagram creepy AF this weekend, the 37-year-old shared two shots of herself rocking nothing but a hat and a pair of boots while getting her burn on.


When you're naked in the gym and the bars are in just the right place

A photo posted by Jodie Marsh (@jodiemarshtv) on

"Damn them bars!" wrote one fan of the star while another added: "Wish i was a fly on wall in that gym at that time….id av been one happy fly…" (sic)

"Ha ha just had to screenshot this so I could zoom in!" admitted one of of Jodie's fans.


"Why can't you show us your boobs completely? Or personally send em to my account." asked another Instagram user beneath a picture of Jodie chilling out on the floor of her private gym.

"Everyone zooming in like…" wrote another while a fellow follower added: "Don't hide your body."

The photos have been liked almost 15,000 times since their upload yesterday.