Bye boobs! Jodie Marsh reveals she wants to have a boob REDUCTION


She's known for her modelling and enhanced assets, but now it seems Jodie Marsh wants to go down a different route.

According to The Mirror, the former bodybuilder has revealed that she wants to have a boob reduction, after living with 32GG breasts for years.


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"If you have something about your body you don't like then I'm all for changing it. I currently want to make my boobs smaller. They're too big, I can't stand them. 

"I've gotten to the point where it's a pain in the arse getting dressed."


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She added that her age also comes in as a factor.

"The older you get the classier you want to look, and me wearing a nice classy dress… classy dresses don't tend to be made of lycra. I'd rather have a reduction."