Ryanair have really beefed up their management team in the past few months and now the airline plan to sell hotel rooms, concert tickets and airport security fast passes in order to grow the company's revenue.

Greg O'Gorman has been headhunted to join Ryanair from Easyjet and will help in the growth of ancillary (or non-flight ticket) revenues at the airline.

Last week, Ryanair boss, Michael O'Leary, said he plans to double the annual profits of the airline to over €2bn in the next six years by expanding it's services. 

"We now have an opportunity with the new website to build Ryanair.com not just as the airline's website but as a kind of Amazon for travel in Europe."

"All the services will be available on Ryanair.com – hotels, TripAdvisor… We have the scale to do it."

Ancillary revenues are inclined to remain at about 20 to 25pc of the airline's total revenues but are likely to make a far larger contribution towards its profitability in the future.