Photo framing ideas for your home


Framing your most precious memories isn’t as simple a task as it may sound. You need to do your snaps justice and display them in a way that represents you, your family and friends, while fitting into the style of your home.

Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect way to frame your photos.

1. Structured
If you like neatness, organisation and your interior has clean cut lines then this style of framing is for you and your home.

structured frame

2. Rustic
If your home is a little bit more cosy and rustic with lots of wood and warm colour then perhaps something like this would be just what you need to display your photos.

rustic frame

3. Kitsch
Do you love bright colours and mismatched delf, furniture, pillows, cushions and just about anything else you can think of? Collecting different size and style frames can add an interesting and great look to your walls as well as telling a story. Why not collect a frame every country you visit?

kitsch frame

4. Craft
Is everything in your home handmade or from craft fairs? Do you love art and photography? Then you’ll have great fun creating these great frames with polaroids – vintage and cute.

polarooid frame