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Now, we've all packed a laughable amount of things for a holiday and been mocked by our travel buddies when we show up at the airport.

Many of us have brought a suitcase for an overnight stay, or added extra baggage onto our flights for no reason. Especially in this country, when we can never predict what weather we're going to have.

Forgetting a key item while packing is a deep psychological fear. What if we forget our core makeup items? Our medical bag? Our passport? Ourselves? It's a worrying time.

Statistics from QS Supplies have shown that 10 percent of people take bed sheets to hotel rooms with them, because they won't want to use the provided sheets. Um, okay?

The survey of 1,008 people revealed that many of the population (we won't name names) have taken their own bedding on holiday with them to avoid catching germs or contracting bacterial infections.

5.9 percent of the survey respondents also admitted to taking personal cutlery to a restaurant, meaning one in every 16 eaters in any restaurant you go to have possibly snuck in their own knife and fork.

We can't imagine using up vital bag space to stuff in our own sheets and bedding. Those people clearly have some strange priorities that don't involve bringing five pairs of shoes and a shop's worth of cosmetics.

12 percent of people apparently don't think hotel sheets are washed enough to warrant sleeping in them, but we wonder why?

Unless they're stained or have a weird odour or appearance, we're more than happy to sleep in a big, fluffy hotel bed with extravagant pillows and throws.

Now, if someone could just pay for us to head on a weekend away, preferably to a spa, that would be lovely!



Biting your nails is one of the hardest habits to quit – something I know because I did it. It took a long time but by the end of it I could wear nail varnish and didn't have to turn my hand into a claw for photos – yay!

As nail biters, we can be painfully self-conscious of our nails, often hiding them under sleeves and always out of a camera’s sight.

I started biting my nails when I was seven and didn’t quit completely until I was 21 – more significantly, my 21st birthday but more on that later.

My parents always insisted it was a ‘nervous’ thing – that when I felt anxious, scared or worried, I would bite my nails. While there was an element of that, naturally, it was also when I felt angry, happy, sad or just plain bored.

Here is how I finally beat my nail biting habit once and for all. While it may or may not work for you, you might find some points helpful and some not. Just don’t give up – one day pretty nail polishes and even (gasp!) a manicure could be yours for the taking!

Pinpoint WHEN you nail bite
While you may bite your nails continuously around the clock, it’s important to realise that time at which you do the most damage. For me personally, it was when I was watching TV. So, I took to using further distraction while watching TV – flicking through cookbooks, making lists, that kind of thing. If you bite your nails when you’re worried, try to find another way of dealing with that feeling – write down why you feel worried or fidget with a hair bobbin instead.

Don’t waste money
If you find that buying those disgusting nail polishes designed to help you quit your habit helps you, so be it. For me, I found that after a while I actually got used to the taste (gross, I know) and just bit away anyway. If you take time to allow you to stop biting, you shouldn’t need anything like this.

Pick an event
Have you got a wedding, birthday or some event coming up that you want to look your best for? I chose my 21st birthday and told myself I had three months before that date to make sure I could paint my nails for that night. It helps to have a goal, just as many people would do with weight-loss.

One by one
For me, going cold turkey was never going to work. I’d tried before numerous times and failed…hard. So, I decided I would stop biting just one nail on my hand and it wouldn’t be so bad because I’d still have the others (as strange as that sounds!) Then, when I saw the progress with that one, I was spurred on to do another one and then another and another until there was only one nail left I was biting. At that point I had lost interest in biting my nails at all so giving up that one was easy. Don’t rush and it will come in time.

Social media
Use sites like Pinterest to keep you on track. Make a ‘nailspiration’ board of pretty manicures and colours you would love to try if you stopped biting your nails. It won’t be long until you can…promise!


Every year in Ireland, 7,000 people die from preventable smoking-related diseases.

It is so important for your health that if you are a smoker, you quit as soon as possible.

Here are some reasons that will hopefully convince you, if they don’t, nothing will!

1. Increased risk of disease
Smoking causes an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, strokes among other terrifying diseases.

2. Yellow staining
Smoking causes yellow teeth and yellow nails.

3. Premature ageing
Smoking is so, so bad for your skin. It also causes premature ageing and wrinkles. Not to mention it knocks about 10-15 years of your life. Scary!

4. Smell
There will be a constant odour of smoke around you.

5. Taste
Your taste buds will become desensitised meaning your not getting the full depth of flavour in your food.

6. Not a good look
Basically, it looks really, really bad.

Is it really worth all this? We thought not!