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Claire Foy has gained international recognition for her powerful portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown, Lisbeth Salander in The Girl in the Spider’s Web and now as Janet Armstrong in First Man.

As part of her acceptance speech for the #SeeHer recognition gong at the Critics' Choice Awards, she delivered a moving statement about the complexities of female roles.

She became the third actor to receive the accolade, which was launched by the Association of National Advertisers in 2016.

She followed in Viola Davis' and Gal Gadot's footsteps, winning the award which aims to increase the number of accurate depictions of women across the media.

Foy made sure to speak about how numerous people refer to her role in the 2018 Neil Armstrong biopic First Man as "just the wife", which she strongly opposes.

“I’ve had the opportunity to play some extraordinary women, for all sorts of reasons, and none more so than Janet Armstrong,” Foy said.

"She lived her life with such bravery and resilience and determination and love," she added.

“I can’t tell you how many times during the making of the movie and in the press tour that people said to me, ‘Well that part is normally the part of just the wife’." 

“And there’s no such thing as ‘just the wife’.” This statement got rapturous applause from the star-studded audience, clearly emphatically agreeing with the British actress.

Foy illustrated that it’s an actor’s responsibility to question who they portray, how they portray them and “how we want people to see themselves on screen” to create change.

Viola Davis presented Foy with the award, and Foy explained how she’d previously watched Davis’ acceptance speech for the 2016 #SeeHer award in preparation for her own.

She was eternally inspired by the outstanding Widows actor’s words that “the greatest privilege in your life is to be who you are.” WE STAN.

The actress concluded by saying she hopes the #SeeHer award will give her “encouragement” to be “brave enough to face and see myself”, and that she hopes it will also help others to do the same.

*Passes the tissues around the office*

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Yesterday, the Cabinet gave the nod of approval for another referendum to be held in October of this year.

Voters will be asked if they want to keep or remove Article 41.2 from the Irish Constitution.

The article states: "In particular, the State recognises that by her life within the home, a woman gives to the State a support without which the common good cannot be achieved.

“The State shall, therefore, endeavour that mothers shall not be obliged by economic necessity to engage in labour to the neglect of their duties in the home.”

Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan, argued against the inclusion of the article, saying:

"Our Constitution does not seek to confine the place of men; we believe it should not seek to confine the place of women. Both men and women should be able to live the lives they choose."

The Justice Minister continued that the provision "has no place in our Constitution. It undermines today's goal to achieve real gender equality by ensuring women have real choices about what to do with their lives."

The Irish Times reports that the referendum will most likely take place on October 25th. 

It will be a busy day for voters as the blasphemy referendum and voting in the presidential elections will be held on the same day. 



Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has acknowledged that he sees the inequalities Irish women face. 

The Taoiseach welcomed the Minister for Children Katherine Zappone's call for women's reproductive rights.

Ms Zappone said that Irish women would not be equal citizens until the 8th amendment was removed from the constitution.

Mr Varadkar welcomed her statements. 

'The decision is we intend to have a referendum ideally in the first part of next year, and that will give the Irish people an opportunity to decide what they want to do with the Irish Constitution – because ultimately it’s only going to be a decision for the Irish people,' he said, according to The irish Times.

Mr Varadkar said that while the 8th amendment is an area which needs to be addressed, he said that women face inequality in 'lots of different fields. '

'I don’t believe Irish women are fully equal, but I think that’s about many things, not just the Constitution.'

'We see it in lots of different fields. It is an issue that I know divides households.'


Body shaming can happen to women of any size or shape, and can happen on a public platform when you work in Hollywood. 

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz has spoken out about her firsthand experience with having her physique criticised, and at a seriously young age. 

Chloe spoke to Variety about a horrible instance of body shaming, which happened to her when she was just fifteen. 


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'This guy that was my love interest was like, ‘I’d never date you in real life,’ she began.

'I was, ‘What?'” she said. “And he was like, ‘Yeah, you’re too big for me’ – as in my size.”

He was 'one of the only actors that ever made me cry on set,' she continued, declining to name the culprit. 


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'I went bawling to my brother and he was like, ‘What happened?’,And I was like, ‘He told me I was too big.’ And my brother was like, ‘What just happened?’ My brother was so angry.'

'I had to pick it up and go back on set and pretend he was a love interest, and it was really hard.'

'It just makes you realise that there are some really bad people out there and for some reason, he felt the need to say that to me.' she continued


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'You have to kind of forgive and not forget really, but it was just like wow. It was jarring. I look back on it and I was 15, which is really, really dark.'

Chloe went on to describe another occurrence, in which she was ostracised from her film crew due to the actions of her male co-star.

'They have this inferiority issue and I’m like, ‘You are completely equal to me, you are no different than me. I just happen to be the lead in this movie, and I don’t know why just because you are kind of the smaller character that you’re pushing me into a corner to try and put me down.'”

Kudos to Chloe for speaking out on the dual issues of equality and body shaming.


Tánaiste, Francis Fitzgerald has today launched the new National Strategy for Women and Girls, calling Ireland ‘’an unfinished democracy in terms of representation of women.’’

The reports highlights almost 140 actions aimed at creating equality across government departments.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions said that a number of measures included in strategy had the capacity “to ensure real improvements for women workers, if they are fully-implemented and delivered upon.”

While the Tánaiste said she feels equal to her male colleagues, she recognised that this might not always be the case.

"It's about making sure there is a critical mass of women involved in decision making across our society, and we still don't have that," she said.

In response to the publication of the National Women’s Strategy, Congress Equality Officer, David Joyce, highlighted the issue of the gender pay gap and noted that the strategy includes an ‘’important new provision’’ on this topic.

He explained, ‘’Companies of more than 50 employees [will be] required to complete wage surveys and report gender pay gaps.’’

‘’This is an important step in tackling gender-based pay inequality and we look forward to seeing this measure fully implemented.’’

The publication also includes plan to extend the provision of breast feeding breaks in the workplace.

However, despite the positive steps forward, David Joyce did say that Congress was disappointed at the strategy’s failure to commit to the Living Wage for female workers.

The Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment also expressed shock at the omission of plans to widen abortion services.

They said, ‘’It is bizarre that the Strategy makes no reference to the widening of abortion services, beyond a bland mention of the forthcoming report by the Citizen’s Assembly.’’





Jennifer Lopez has just announced she has joined the ranks of women fighting for gender equality. 

The singer has just joined the front lines of the gender equality fight, starting a new position as global advocate for women and girls at the U.N. Foundation, a role which both Beyoncé and Emma Watson acquired before her. 

But J Lo is adopting the cause for a personal reason, as she told U.N. President Kathy Calvin at an event on Friday. 

"Having boy-girl twins really opened my eyes to how different men and women are and makes me think about how I treat my boy and how I treat my girl."

The U.N. set goals last week to achieve gender equality in 15 years – and Jennifer is determined to get to that finish line because of her family. 

"At the end of the day, when I picture 2030 when we reach these goals, I want my twins standing side by side and I want them looking at a landscape that has the same opportunity for both of them," she said.

"That the world is as much of an oyster for Emme as it is for Max."

Viola Davis and Patricia Arquette's speeches hot home for the 46-year-old, according to The Cut, and motivated her to use her own following to make a difference. 

"As an artist, I strive to inspire so people can aspire to do bigger and better things with their lives," she said.

"And for me, women should have all of those opportunities and should aspire to be the President of the United States…it could happen soon!"


This evening at his official residence in the Phoenix Park, President Michael D Higgins signed off the Thirty-fourth Amendment of the Constitution (Marriage Equality) Bill 2015.

This means that the result of May's historic referendum has now been enshrined in law.

A number of legal challenges brought against the result meant tonight's signing was delayed somewhat, but all the disputes were struck down at earlier High Court hearings.

The Irish people had voted by a margin of 62-38 percent and marriage in this country may now take place between two persons "without distinction as to their sex".

The Bill will also be introduced to the Dáil next month.

Although it was originally hoped that the first marriages between same-sex partners could take place as early as next month or October, it seems more likely now that those ceremonies will be held towards the end of this year.


Lena Dunham was one of many straight people in the world who vowed that she would not be walking down the aisle until it was legal for every person to do so, regardless of their gender.

But with the American Supreme Court’s ruling on the 26th June that same-sex marriage is to be made legal in all 50 states, the road is now wide open for the Girls star to take the plunge.

After the news broke she even tweeted her boyfriend of three years, Bleachers and Fun frontman, Jack Antonoff saying, “get on it, yo.”

But now that she has the option to don “the fluffy white dress”, the question is, does she actually want to?

The 29-year-old penned a letter to The New Yorker where she explained her own confusing feelings about the institution of marriage.

Ms Dunham explained how it was easy to reject marriage as a self-sacrifice but that when the requirement for her to do so disappeared, their decision all of a sudden didn’t seem like so much a sacrifice.

“Just two days earlier, we had been living in a world where marriage wasn’t an option, or, rather, was an option that we had postponed for ourselves,” she revealed.

“And, instead of a hardship, this limbo had been a saving kind of relief, a limitless breathing space that allowed our relationship to grow without any of the tortured questions of legal commitments and ring settings that seem to plague so many sooner than they might want.”

Lena described how after the ruling came through, she was bombarded with messages from friends and family asking about her own big day.

“Now you can get married!” “Hello, bride to be <3” “So, when’s the wedding?” were just a few of the message she was getting.

So, is the countdown on? Will we be seeing Ms Dunham skipping down the aisle wearing white frills any time soon?

It doesn't appear that there will be a Mr and Mrs Antonoff just yet. "I like being a guest, for now," Lena admitted. "Aunt Bonnie, keep the dress in the box. But don't throw it away." At least she's not ruling it out anyway. 

And if real life marriage is off the cards, we at least hope that she gives us a Girls wedding sometime soon. With Marnie and Dessy having fallen apart our next best hope is Hannah and the new guy!



Hollywood heartthrob, Chris Pratt, has spoken out against the inequality of the objectification of women.

His answer to this problem? Objectify the men just as much as the women. That we can do, Chris!

In an interview with Radio 4’s Front Row, Chris vocalised his disdain. “I think it’s appalling that for a long time only women were objectified,” the Jurassic World star revealed.

“But I think if we really want to advocate for equality, it’s important to even things out.” Hear, hear!

Sadly Chris’s latest film doesn’t have NEARLY enough (or any) shirtless scenes, but we are going to take his latest message as a sign that they are on the way.

The 35-year-old star has seen a seismic shift in his career and the roles that he is being offered, because of his looks. “There are a lot of women who got careers out of their bodies, and I’m using it to my advantage,” he said.

Although, it’s clear that Chris, who is married to actress Anna Faris, doesn’t take his new heartthrob status too personally. “At the end of the day, our bodies are objects… We’re just big bags of flesh and blood and meat and organs that God gives us to drive around.”

It is certainly safe to say that his new found six-pack is SERIOUSLY working. Chris’s next big role is starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the forthcoming sci-fi romance flick, Passengers.

Chris is reportedly to earn €11 million, while his co-star Ms Lawrence will rake in an astonishing €18 mil for the project.