J-Law going to be earning more than male co-stars


Hurray for J-Law! The Oscar winning actress is set to earn a much larger amount than that of her male co-star in the sci-fi film Passengers.

Finally! Hollywood has gradually begun to pay attention to the huge number of high-profile actresses that have been speaking out in recent times, criticising the lower amounts they are paid in comparison to their male co-stars.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that while Chris Pratt’s fee has jumped from €9m to €11m following the success of Jurassic World. Jennifer is set to earn and incredible €18m from 30 per cent of the film’s box office profit.

The larger than usual gap between the earnings of the two would probably not be such a big deal if Chris hadn’t become such a huge star in recent times. But with both Chris and J-Law being firm fan favourites and sure to bring crowds to the cinemas on the film’s release the news comes as a pretty big shock.

Which seems pretty ridiculous when you consider J-Law is a Golden Globe and Oscar winner, and she’s Katniss. Chris Pratt may be hilarious and talk to dinosaurs, but he hasn’t been awarded the little gold status just yet.

Passengers is a supposedly romantic sci-fi drama about Pratt’s character who wakes from a decade’s long nap while still half-way through a journey through space.

Naturally, he doesn’t want to tackle the galaxies alone and makes the stellar decision to wake up fellow passenger. Who is Jennifer Lawrence. We can’t wait to see how this works out for the pair.

Patricia Arquette took a stand for gender equality in the film industry this year when she used her acceptance speech at the Oscars to point out the frustrations of all female actors. And Meryl Streep was very strongly in agreement.

Tina Fey has even rounded up a group of famous ladies in a sketch for Inside Amy Schumer that again called out the industry for their treatment of women in Hollywood films.