You can now your own a piece of 00s music history thanks to Abz

We think this probably means that any and all chances of a reunion are well and truly gone at this stage.

Earlier today it was discovered that fan favourite Abz from the much-loved band 5ive is most definitely putting his past career behind him.

The band scooped a BRIT award in 2000 for Best Newcomer Pop Act. Now it looks like Abz is ready to say goodbye to his past in a permanent manner.

He has put his award on Ebay. The 36-year old posted the award on the auction site on Monday morning. The reasoning behind it is apparently in order to earn some cash to buy top soil and gardening tools for his farm.

He could be in for a bit of luck because at the moment it’s already going for well over €6,000.

Rumour has it that the value is going up so high due to one crucial piece of information: Jason Statham held this trophy.

On the site Abz wrote: “Has been held by Jason Statham although I cannot prove this.”

Well, that’s surely going to be a deal breaker for some people out there. He did however that is has been 'dropped and knocked' a few times. You couldn't have put it in a display case, Abz? Really?

If you are interested, and fancy giving Abz a hand getting his faming tools up to date, then you have until Thursday before the bidding closes.