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The noughties are back in a big way when it comes to fashion – with key 00s it-items like the Fendi Baguette bag and the Dior Saddle Bag at the top of many Vestaire Collective wish lists, and motif collaborations from the likes of Playboy appearing on big name accessible digital brands like Missguided. 

One brand which defined the decade with their low slung jeans, chain belts and R'n'b influences was Baby Phat, worn by 00s icons like Lil Kim, Paris Hilton, Alicia Keyes and Cam’ron. 

In 2006, while on a family trip to New York, I purchased my own piece from the era-defining brand – a navy halterneck crop top with the signature Baby Phat cat motif adorning the front in yellow-toned diamantes. 


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The brand, created by Kimora Lee Simmons in 1999, was an homage to 00s sass – rhinestones adorned the surface of most pieces, jeans were cut so low that public bones were seeing the light of day, and the now iconic fur trimmed, cropped parka jackets, which carried the same cat silhouette logo across the back.

The runway shows were explosions of attitude, with models stomping the runways in mere flitters of silk dresses, satin bikinis teamed with fur coats,  diamond grills, and bright pink co-ords, often with miniature teacup dog breeds at their sides. 

However, the brand was bought up in 2010, and Kimora was no longer at the reigns. The brand faded into the archives of 00s fashion, along with our Playboy pencil cases and Von Dutch caps, and my Baby Phat halter top was consigned to a thrift store (cursing myself for that now) but now, it's making a resurgence.  


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Kimora is back in charge of the brand, and it will be launching it's first contemporary collection this year.

'It’s the rebirth of my baby,' she told PEOPLE Magazine. 

'Here we are again, 20 years later in 2019, and now [my daughters] are with me taking the reigns,' she said. 

'This is a woman-owned company, run by me and my daughters. I’ve been in fashion for 30 years. But now it’s about passing the torch from one to the next.'


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The brand will be keeping it's original flair, while creating brand new designs. 

'It’s going to be an ode to the past but then they will pick it up where we left off,' she said.

Speaking of her daughter's input – Ming, who is 19, and Aoki, who is 16, would often walk the runway with their mother when she took her designer's bow – she said:

'They are involved in every aspect of the business'


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'Ming studies business and fashion in college in New York, and Aoki is in Los Angeles and will be in college next year.'

'They’re very much innovators and influencers. We’re like the Three Musketeers.'

'It’s all going to be still cool, still sexy and still fun.'

The brand is due to re-launch this summer on babyphat.com, but if you can't wait until then you can still nab Baby Phat originals online and on Depop. 



The noughties aren't usually hailed as a particularly stylish era, but there were a few accessories from back in the day that we all loved to wear.

While these items should definitely never make a reappearance, we're feeling a bit nostalgic looking back at our favourite underage disco accessories.

How many if these did you rock back in the day?

13. Leg warmers

Why this 80s throwback ever came back into style is a mystery to us.

But if we didn't stretch a pair over our tottering high heels, we couldn't be caught dead at the local disco. 

12. Stretchy sequin belts

These sequin belts went perfectly with our tiered mini skirts and UGG boots.

Penneys UGGs, obvs. 

11. Bustier bags

Why these bags were ever a thing is beyond us, but they existed, although sometimes they were just decoration for the shelves of our teenage bedrooms. 

10. Long plastic beads

Pic: eBay

Whether you did the double wraparound or tied them in a knot, these beads were what you went into Claire's Accessories for.

And you had a strand in every colour to match every feasible outfit. 

9. Ties as necklaces

Championed by 00s rebel Avril Levigne, pairing a stripy tie with your cargo pants and giant DC runners was the ultimate emo phase outfit.

And lets be real, we all had one of those. 

8. Stripy arm warmers


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Another trend that Avril was fond of, these arm warmers fit in perfectly with our moody ambience.

And Panic! members wore them so…. no other excuse necessary. 

7. Phone charms 

Pic: 90s kids only

A phone charm was the ultimate accessory for your Motorola Razor or Sony Ericsson brick phone.

Did anyone else have a mini lip gloss one? 

6. Giant bangles

Pic: Pinterest

These plastic bangles were all the rage in the 00s, and stacking them all the way up your arms was the only way to wear them. 

5. Long necklaces

Pic: Pinterest

Any necklace that grazed your navel was okay in the 00s.

Necklaces with random objects like plastic hearts, keys and diamonds were especially popular. 

4. Hair bows

Pic: Pinterest

Tiny hair bows were a staple for spicing up your school uniform look, or if you were a bit more on the daring *cough scene kid cough* side of style, then a whopper of a bow was ideal for weekend wear.

Like, you'd be getting a crick in your neck from the weight of the thing, and the amount of bobby pins you'd need to keep it in place was just obscene. 

3. Giant belts


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Most of the 00s tops were baggy and tunic-style, so what better way to showcase your figure than with an unnecessarily giant belt.

Bonus points if ou wore your cinched belt with leggings and matching pumps. 

2. Diamanté sunglasses

Pic: eBay

The territory of Paris Hilton and the rest of her celebrity tribe, giant sunglasses were the way to go (we're noticing a theme here).

The most stylish of sunnies were encrusted with diamonds, as were all good things in the 00s. 

1. Glow sticks

On your wrists, ankles and even stuffed down your bra, glow sticks were a necessary requirement for attending discos in the 00s.

Peaking around 2007/2008, you begged to nab a few in your favourite colour off someone in the queue if you forgot yours.



The noughties are generally considered to be one of the most sartorially starved eras, with chunky highlights and low rise everything. 

Von Dutch trucker caps and the OC were life, and Paris Hilton reigned on high as the ultimate fashionista around.  

If you were feeling fancy (or your parents gave into your perpetual pleas) you may have been the proud owner of a Juicy Couture matching tracksuit.


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In an ode to the era, Kylie Jenner opted to don a black velour Juicy tracksuit on Instagram, reworked by high end designer Vetements.

The brand debuted some reworked Juicy pieces in their S/S17 collection, and they went viral, instantly becoming the most talked about pieces in the line.

While all laughed and appreciated the nostalgia at the time, the fact that the look has just been adopted by one of the most influential young celebrities in the world places the Juicy tracksuit firmly in the risk category of making a comeback. 

Back in the noughties, style queen of the era Paris Hilton championed the tacky trend, wearing her rainbow of matching synthetic two-pieces with the hottest footwear of the time, high wedged flip flops.#NeverForget

The velour pieces were worn by every celeb worth their salt, everywhere from the red carpet to the Starbucks run.

The new version of the Juicy tracksuit is more streamlined, with a modern tapered leg and much less diamontes.

The new Juicy Couture bits are officially available to the public via ASOS, and one thing that hasn't changed about the coordinated athleisure wear is the hefty price tag, standing at about €300 for the set. 

We wont have a cent left over for Juicy Tube lip gloss and a set of chunky highlights. 


We think this probably means that any and all chances of a reunion are well and truly gone at this stage.

Earlier today it was discovered that fan favourite Abz from the much-loved band 5ive is most definitely putting his past career behind him.

The band scooped a BRIT award in 2000 for Best Newcomer Pop Act. Now it looks like Abz is ready to say goodbye to his past in a permanent manner.

He has put his award on Ebay. The 36-year old posted the award on the auction site on Monday morning. The reasoning behind it is apparently in order to earn some cash to buy top soil and gardening tools for his farm.

He could be in for a bit of luck because at the moment it’s already going for well over €6,000.

Rumour has it that the value is going up so high due to one crucial piece of information: Jason Statham held this trophy.

On the site Abz wrote: “Has been held by Jason Statham although I cannot prove this.”

Well, that’s surely going to be a deal breaker for some people out there. He did however that is has been 'dropped and knocked' a few times. You couldn't have put it in a display case, Abz? Really?

If you are interested, and fancy giving Abz a hand getting his faming tools up to date, then you have until Thursday before the bidding closes.