Which one?! Katie Price is SELLING her wedding dress on the Internet

Well, any Katie Price fans out there can now get a little bit of Jordan all to themselves. 

Katie is selling one of her wedding dresses – on actual eBay – and we just can't help but wonder why. 

It is thought that the dress is the one she wore for her marriage reception to Alex Reid in 2010, although it's not specified. 

The listing says: “Stunning wedding dress by David’s Bridal. Katie wore this to her wedding reception for a few hours.”

But our favourite line is: "This was expensive."

The eBay listing also includes photos of the bride and her best friends, Gary Cockerill and Phil Turner. 

The price started at £250 (€327) on Monday night and at time of writing it is already up to £2650.99 (€3470).

Katie must have been reminiscing over the weekend though, as she also replied to a tweet from Kim Kardashian… from SEVEN years ago. 

While the glamour model was trying make it big in America in 2009 and Kim tweeted that she saw Katie on the plane.

Kim said: "Omg Katie Price aka Jordan and her husband Peter are on my flight home from NYC!"

And Katie replied: "Awe that is so cute! Thankyou Kim #Flashback."