Man sticks ‘vile cheating ex-wife’s clothes and possessions’ on eBay


Suffice to say that breakups are rarely straightforward.

But one disgruntled husband has certainly taken things to the next level – sticking up a load of his wife’s possessions on eBay.

Under the username CalibraSteve, the post reads: "JOB LOT OF ALL OF MY VILE CHEATING EX WIFE'S CLOTHES AND POSSESSIONS."

He furthermore reveals that he has already successfully offered up the couple's Smart Roadaster car – a sale which now has bids of some £1,480 (€1,865) –leading him to post up further items for immediate disposal.

Explaining that his “evil cheating wife couldn't be arsed to collect” the things from their home following their split, he adds: “This whole endeavour was all about me ridding myself of the cheating slime of a woman I'm now proud to a call my ex wife and me getting some closure.

“I was going to burn all of these possessions but I have decided to just sell the whole lot as one complete job lot. It will all go to the highest bidder, nothing will be sold separately!”

On offer is “a heap” of clothes (most of which are a size 10-12), and “some electrical bits”.

He goes on to state: “I want rid of this s*** as it's taking up vital room I could be using to store booze and porn. 

“There are designer dresses she wore on our honeymoon which I paid a fortune for, shoes, lots of shoes but apparently since the rotten cow ‘found herself’ she decided she doesn't want material things,” he explains.

“There's some jewellery but I've already taken the gold and expensive stuff to our local jeweller who proceeded to rip me off whilst smiling at me.

“But it's ok cos now I can afford a heap of cheap scotch.”

The Shropshire-based man concludes: “Please help me clear out this pile of utter c**p. Cash on collection only please.”

The lot has now amounted to some £225 (€285) from a total of close-to 40 bids. It will wrap up on June 23.