He did what? This guy’s breakup revenge is INSANE


Is there any moment in life more awkward and more uncomfortable than meeting your ex after a break up to give them back their things?


Nope, we don't think so.

Some folk, of course, actually just can’t even deal with a face-to-face – forcing them to get creative in their methods. 

The usual options generally include getting a friend to return the stuff, throwing it out the window, giving it to charity, leaving it on their door step… the list goes on.

But for every couple who has broken up after a long-term relationship, there are always a few things that you bought together and you can’t quite decide who should get them.

Well, this particular German guy came up with a VERY extreme way to divvy up the goods that he and his ex-girlfriend had once shared. 

He SAWED all of their belongings in half, posting her half back to her, while putting his on half up for sale on eBay. 

He even recorded his carpentry techniques as he went to town on his girlfriends belongings. 

Who wants half an iphone?


He's not bitter at all… 


How long must this have taken?


Well, his dedication is admirable if nothing else… 


Must have been a nightmare to post


Okay, NOW he's gone too far 


Anyone looking to buy a single bed?


There are no words left really… 

And finally, here's the video of his crafty cutting skills