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Electric Picnic is just around the corner, but if you haven't managed to secure a ticket yet, never fear. 

There is even more reason to head down to Stradbally this September if you are a fan of 90s tunes.

Electric Ireland, the official energy partner of Electric Picnic, has announced that it will be bringing 90s nostalgia to the masses in the form of our favourite cheesy pop tunes at the Throwback Stage.

S Club Party

If the thought of bopping to 5ive and S Club Party gets you going, then head to the Throwback Stage where both acts are headlining.  

If icons Don Conroy and Dustin the Turkey bring back major memories, then prepare for a trip down memory lane.

Free tickets to the three-day festival could also be on the horizon with the help of the artist and the UNICEF ambassador(yes really).

The pair are to star on a Facebook Live game show called the ‘Electric Ireland Throwback Show’ which will air on August 23 at 8pm on the Electric Ireland Facebook page. 


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The show will feature a number of 90s nostalgia related games with Electric Ireland inviting people to tune in to win tickets. 

So dust off your old bucket hats and rewind your Weezer tapes, because a few tickets to EP could be on the line.


If there was ever a worldwide vote for 'person least likely to be in a boyband', there's a pretty good chance Russell Brand would come in at number one (or top ten at least). 

But as turns out, everything you thought you knew about the British comedian is a lie. 

Appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Russell revealed that he had once auditioned for the boyband, 5ive, admitting that the process had been a "pitiful experience". 

"As a young man, I made many mistakes. During one of my frenzies brought on by the methamphetamine, I thought that perhaps I'd do rather well in the boyband 5ive."

He went on to explain how he arrived into audition room with beer in hand before putting it to one side so he could belt out his best rendition of Extreme's More Than Words

"It was a pitiful experience, the people were staring down at the table in disbelief and great disappointment by the time I left."

As we know, Russell didn't make the cut, but according to the man himself, he could have been "the maverick in the boyband. The troubled one, the first into rehab one." 

He's nothing if not self-aware. 

Check out the full clip below. 


It's all over for lovebirds Natasha Hamilton and Ritchie Neville, just five months after getting engaged.

The pair, who have one-year-old daughter Ella Rose together, confirmed the split to Mail Online earlier today.

"After careful consideration, we have decided to amicably end our relationship," their statement reads.

"There is no one reason for the failure of our relationship. Unfortunately it's just the way things have turned out and it's no one's fault. 

"In the interests of our family we remain good friends and we hope that people will respect our privacy at this time."

Natasha took to Twitter this evening to hit out at the "scum" tweeting negative messages to herself and Ritchie about their split.

"It make [sic] me so angry that when your having a really tough time in life, all the scum crawl out the woodwork to troll you," she wrote, retweeting two of the more upsetting jibes.

Back in October, Ritchie and Natasha seemed as loved-up as ever after three years together, gushing about their engagement to OK! magazine.

"It was so romantic and it couldn’t have been more perfect. I felt overwhelmed and like I was in a movie," Richie recalled, with Natasha adding that the pair were "sobbing" as she said "yes."

It's the second major split for Natasha in the last five years, after she called it quits with her husband of eight years Riad Erraji in 2013. The former couple have one child together, five-year-old Alfie.

Aside from Alfie, the Atomic Kitten singer has two other children, 13-year-old Josh and 11-year-old Harry from previous relationships; and one-year-old Ella with Ritchie.



Fans of the 90s, get ready to go on a major nostalgic buzz as Aqua and 5ive are coming to Dublin.

The two bands wll play The Wright Venue on March 27, and we're super excited.

All the members from both bands will reportedly be in attendance and taking to the stage on the night.

Aqua are best known for their 90s classics, Dr Jones and Barbie Girl, while 5ive had a mega hit with Everybody Get Up.

Tickets for the gig are available here. See you there Barbie girl? 


We may all remember Abz Love as the cool as a cucumber rapping member of our favourite nineties boyband, 5ive, but it seems that this popstar's life has changed dramatically since his days of touring the world. 

After revealing how he went down a bad route following the demise of 5ive, his life changed for the better after he relocated to the country with partner, Vicky Fallon. 

However after burning all his money on his party lifestyle, Abz has since struggled to make ends meet. 

After unsuccessfully attempting to flog off his Brit award for some cash, the London star has decided to take another route. 

In his first musical release in over a decade, Abz has released a song about… well… chickens. 

With all the proceeds going towards his farming venture, this is one vid you need to see to believe. 



We think this probably means that any and all chances of a reunion are well and truly gone at this stage.

Earlier today it was discovered that fan favourite Abz from the much-loved band 5ive is most definitely putting his past career behind him.

The band scooped a BRIT award in 2000 for Best Newcomer Pop Act. Now it looks like Abz is ready to say goodbye to his past in a permanent manner.

He has put his award on Ebay. The 36-year old posted the award on the auction site on Monday morning. The reasoning behind it is apparently in order to earn some cash to buy top soil and gardening tools for his farm.

He could be in for a bit of luck because at the moment it’s already going for well over €6,000.

Rumour has it that the value is going up so high due to one crucial piece of information: Jason Statham held this trophy.

On the site Abz wrote: “Has been held by Jason Statham although I cannot prove this.”

Well, that’s surely going to be a deal breaker for some people out there. He did however that is has been 'dropped and knocked' a few times. You couldn't have put it in a display case, Abz? Really?

If you are interested, and fancy giving Abz a hand getting his faming tools up to date, then you have until Thursday before the bidding closes.