Got any vintage Polly Pockets lying around? They’re worth a FORTUNE


The 90s were hallmarked by some pretty epic toys. 

From alien pods to Tamogotchis to Beanie Babies, imaginative toys were in high demand.

Top of the toy charts was the iconic Polly Pocket, which enraptured the minds of children while simultaneously being a bit of a choking hazard (times were different back then). 

While you may have paid a few bob for them back in the day, the toys are now racking up the big bucks on online resale sites. 

Some unopened, sealed toys are going for almost €2,000, and there are reports of Polly Pockets with an asking price of up to the hundred thousands. 

The items that fetch the highest price are those made by the original toy creator Bluebird Toys.

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The dolls were manufactured by Bluebird in the 80s before being bought by toy giant Mattel in the 90s. 

Dolls and accessories are particularly popular online, but the Polly Pocket Jewel Cases from the very 90s seem to be fetching the highest prices. 

According to Digital Spy, one Polly Pocket case was asking for as much as €100,000.

However, if you want to make bank with your old toys, they must be in their original packaging and sealed. 

Excuse us, we have a trip to the homestead and an attic search to embark upon.