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Dublin airport was brought to a stand still this morning with all flights cancelled temporarily.

Dublin Airport has since confirmed that all flights are now resuming as normal. 

The suspensions were due to a confirmed sighting of a drone in Dublin Airport's airspace. 

'Flight operations have now resumed @DublinAirport following an earlier drone sighting.' 

'We apologise for any inconvenience.'

'The safety and security of customers is our key priority at all times,' reads a post on the Dublin Airport Twitter page. 

'For safety reasons we are temporarily suspending flight operations @DublinAirport due the confirmed sighting of a drone over the airfield,' they tweeted. 

'Passengers should contact their airline's website for flight updates.'

'We will post updates here when they become available.'

There was massive disruption at Gatwick airport in December, disrupting the travel plans of 140,000 passengers,after someone flew a drone into the airspace. 

According to The Evening Standard, that incident was the work of a 'disgruntled employee.'

'Police believe either a current or former employee was behind the December 19 incident,' said a source. 


Too hungover to walk to the shop for a hot chicken roll?  Not to worry, that trouble could soon be a thing of the past as drones are about to start dropping food on college students.

That’s right, those big boy toys you keep hearing so much about but may not really see the point of have finally found their noble purpose and it's a good 'un.

According to the New York Post, Alphabet – the parent company of Google – has decided to give drone delivery a go for the next few weeks after being granted permission to do so by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Unfortunately for now only those on the far side of the pond will be able to avail of this service as the initiative will be tested by delivering Chipotle Mexican Grill to students at Virginia Tech.

But if the experiment – which is designed to test if the packaging can effectively protect the goods mid-flight – is successful, maybe drone delivery will become the norm.

Feat image: Flirtey


You know those times when you're so hungover you just wish that a big cheesy pizza would magically drop onto your kitchen table and you'd be saved?

Yeah, we all have those dreams from time to time but now, it seems that it actually could happen.

Domino's, being a pizza wonder that it is, has tested out a delivery drone in New Zealand – and it turned out quite well.

Called Flirtey, the drone successfully completed one autonomous flight delivery yesterday which means it's now one step closer to being brought into the mainstream. 

It has brilliant packaging techniques that makes sure your pizza stays nice and toasty throughout the the whole delivery process.

It's also driven electrically unmanned and has several built-in safety features, like 'low battery return to safe location' and 'auto-return home' features in case of loss of GPS signal or communication.

"Domino's customers can expect the freshest and fastest pizza delivery service at the same quality they have come to expect from us thanks to Flirtey's industry-leading technology," said Domino's CEO Don Meij.

We're liking the sound of this.