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If it didn't catch your attention this morning, a hare was seen in Dublin Airport with a cigarette in its mouth.

We're not joking.

Louise Acheson took to Twitter today to share a picture of the hare going about its daily business, captioning the snap "#nothingtodeclhare."

After it grabbed the attention of many on social media, Dublin Airport has now hit back, claiming that it was not a cigarette in the animal's mouth, but rather an "overgrown tooth."

The company took to Twitter, commenting on the picture, saying "Sorry to spoil all the online jokes, but don't think that hare has a cigarette in its mouth. It's more likely an overgrown tooth."

People are now fighting back, telling the airport not to ruin their Monday morning banter.

If only the hare could make a comment.


Whether you're a frequent flyer or you're gearing up for your next summer holiday, you'll now have nine new destinations to choose from thanks to Dublin Airport.

The airport announced that it is rolling out the new routes just in time for summer, so we think it's time to start planning that well-deserved vacay.

Five new long haul flights are on the list and four new short haul routes are also being introduced.

The routes include:

“We are continuously working with existing and new airlines to add new and exciting destinations to our route network,"said Dublin Airport managing director, Vincent Harrison.

"These nine new services together with extra capacity and frequency on over 20 existing routes provides our customers with greater choice, and flexibility and more whether they are travelling for business or leisure purposes this summer season."

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Disruptions to flights is expected in Dublin Airport today due to a strike by French air traffic controllers.

The industrial action will affect Brest and Bordeaux control sites in France, and as it started at 5am this morning, two flights from Dublin have already been cancelled.

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Ryanair was the first airline to delay its flights, so be sure to check their website for further disruptions throughout the day.

RTÉ reports that many flights going to the south of France may be disrupted tomorrow, too.

If you're flying with Ryanair, check out here, and if you're flying with Aer Lingus, go straight to this site.



According to emerging reports, flights from Dublin to London have been disrupted on account of today's weather.

Both British Airways and Heathrow Airport took to social media today advising travellers to familiarise themselves with the updated timetables in order to avoid further disruption.

"Wintery weather is expected at the airport today and airlines will be adjusting their schedules as a result." Heathrow airport tweeted this morning.

"Check your flight status if travelling and allow more time to get to the airport. We are sorry for any disruption," they added.

"Snow and wintry weather will affect flights at London's airports today. Check your flight status here," tweeted British Airways before directing travellers to their website.

According to The Irish Times, a number of flights between Dublin and London Heathrow have been cancelled for this evening.

A yellow snow and ice warning is currently in place in Ireland, and will remain so until 6pm tomorrow evening.



Flights leaving Dublin airport have been grounded this morning due to strike action taking place in France.

Anyone heading away on an Aer Lingus or Ryanair flight will need to check in with their airline since 70 Ryanair flights across Europe have been cancelled and Aer Lingus has also been forced to cancel five flights in and out of Dublin.

Aer Lingus has issued a warning that if your flight is going over French airspace, there could be major delays, as French air traffic controllers are taking industrial action today.

If your flight has been cancelled or implicated due to this, you can rebook, reschedule or apply for a refund with both airlines.

There are three more strikes planned for next month, as air traffic controllers are protesting against planned government labour reforms. 

To check out if your flight is cancelled or delayed with Ryanair, visit here. And for flight disruption info with Aer Lingus, check out the list here



Dublin Airport was FULL of emotions yesterday as family members and loved ones welcomed their troops home after serving six months in Lebanon.

There was no time wasted either – as soon as little ones caught a glimpse of their parents, they were running right over for hugs and kisses.

The airport erupted in cheer as the 51st Infantry Group, United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) returned home to Terminal One in Dublin Airport at 6.30am.

There were a total of 190 members on the flight home, and the footage taken by RTÉ really pulls at the heart strings.

Watch the video to see the happy reunions: 

Pic: Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ie



It's not the first time that Michael O'Leary has checked-in Ryanair passengers, but Twitter nevertheless reacted wildly when it emerged that he was at it again this morning. 

The airline executive, who earns about €1.75m annually between his salary and related bonuses, was up bright and early getting travellers promptly on board their Dublin-London flight.

Gary Dunne, who was en route to the English capital, captured the moment on Twitter, much to the delight on his fellow social media users, who retweeted his images more than 100 times.

Back in December 2013, shortly after Mr O'Leary announced he was eager to change Ryanair's cheap and not-so cheerful image, he was also spotted at Dublin Airport lending a hand to check-in staff. 

A statement at the time revealed: "Yes, from time to time Michael likes to check boarding passes at the gate, so that he can personally tell our passengers that we love them just as much as they love us."

Last week, it was announced that the Irish airline was considering allowing passengers to bring their small pets on board into the cabin with them. 



A male model has been stopped in Dublin Airport carrying more than half a million euro in cash in his bag.

The man was boarding a flight to Brussels when airport police intercepted him a little after 7am yesterday.

The Irish Independent reports that the 36-year-old is a top model and occasional TV presenter who is well-known and liked on the Dublin celebrity circuit.

It is believed that the man was under surveillance from the time he arrived at the airport for his outbound flight. 

Revenue officials are now in possession of the cash – which amounts to some €570,000 – while they ascertain whether it is connected to criminal activity. They will be allowed to keep it for three-months. 


Following questioning at the airport over several hours, the male model was then released.

He cannot be named unless formal charges against him are brought.

A spokesperson for Revenue said it was “the largest seizure of cash to date this year”.



Following a fire in Dublin airport this morning, flights were temporarily suspended. 

According to the official Dublin Airport Twitter account, a fire broke out in one of the hangers in the early hours of this morning. They tweeted saying: "Airport fire crew @DublinAirport attending to fire in one of the hangars. Flight operations temporarily suspended."

Thankfully, the fire was kept under control by the fire fighters on site and there "are no reports of any injuries following this morning's fire in a hangar. The fire has now been contained."

For anyone flying today, flight operations have now resumed in Dublin airport following the fire but you are still advised to check in with your airline before heading to the airport. 

Ryanair have left a link on their Twitter account so you can check the status of your flight for today. Some knock-on delays are expected through-out the day. 


If celebrities like Mila, Miley, and Katy aren't afraid to step out in the spotlight fresh-faced (if we can call it that) than we shouldn't be either. 

Unfortunately this bravery rarely stretches to the first time your partner sees you without make up on, a sadly inevitable event.

But for most of us it is usually (and thankfully) an anticlimactic moment: we build it up and up in our heads and then our partners usually don’t even notice. Phew!

But it is good to know that we are not all alone in feeling like this. A survey was carried out by the skincare team at The Loop in Dublin and Cork airports which confirmed our fears.

They found that one in five women wait three months before daring to reveal their make-up free faces to their partners.

Surprisingly, they also found that we are far more likely to reveal our naked bodies to our significant others than our bare faces. Almost half of the respondents said that they would ditch the clothes after a month while 16 percent said they would do so immediately.

The survey also found out which nation Irish women are the most jealous of when it comes to skincare and complexions. The answer was France, with three out of five dubbing them as their ‘skin idols’.

A huge 70 percent of respondents said that the gently sun-kissed complexion was their favourite skin tone while 22 percent went for the pale and interesting look. Overdoing your tan is definitely out with a low three percent opting for the perma-tan look.

The Loop in Terminal 1 of Dublin Airport has just unveiled its new beauty hall and it holds loads of our favourite brands including Estee Lauder, Lancome and Elizabeth Arden.