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It was the video that shocked the nation: a 18-year-old Irish woman performing a sex act on 24 men in order to win a free cocktail.

The footage went viral, sparking debate about what really goes on during cheap, package holidays to the likes to Magaluf – a resort on the otherwise genteel island of Majorca in Spain.

At the time, one young holiday-maker explained what goes on in the town, which is nicknamed 'Shagaluf': "The girls and guys are all as bad as each other… I've walked into Burger King and seen people having sex in the toilets."

"People think they can let loose out there because they can leave it all behind when they go home."

Still, the actions of the Co. Armagh teenager shone a spotlight on Magaluf drinking regulations.

And in the aftermath, authorities there introduced harsher restrictions as well as steep fines for anyone caught flouting the laws: for example, the likes of balconing – where tourists jump from hotel balconies into swimming pools – is now liable to a €1,500 fine.

Recently, the Sunday Life spent a weekend on Magaluf’s notorious strip to see if anything has changed… and seemingly it hasn't.

The Belfast-based publication observed hundreds of revellers in a seriously intoxicated state, while one young man is spotted sporting a bloodied nose. 

Just this week is was furthermore announced that British police officers have been flown into the Spanish town to patrol its streets as part of a two-week trial to help Spanish authorities deal with victims and offenders from the UK.

Spain already carries out international patrols in tourist areas in cooperation with police from Germany, France, Italy, Portugal and Morocco.


Consumed too much alcohol last night

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Hundreds of thousands of revellers from Britain and Ireland holiday in Magaluf annually (85 percent of vacationers are from our island or Britain), with the spot being particularly popular with those off on a Sixth Year, post Leaving Cert jaunt. 

Hotels evict a relatively modest 250-odd guests a year for unruly behaviour – like thrashing their rooms – and about one in six of those evictees is Irish.

However, most holidaymakers are more eager to head out than cause trouble at their hotels: Magaluf's giant BCM nightclub, which holds 6,000 people, is particularly popular. It charges €50 at the door, but alcohol flows freely once you're inside.

One Dutch volunteer, Simone, is part of The Street Angels – a charitable organisation which has for two years carried out work on the streets of Magaluf.

They help drunk party-goers find their friends and their hotels, and hand out bandages, tissues, and bottles of water. 

She believes that this year, the authorities have indeed been stricter, and there is "less glass" strewn about the place.

She furthermore said that the beaches are now better lit up with "enormous spotlights," similar to those used during footballer matches. 

"But you see the girls still lying passed out in the gutter with their underwear around their knees," Simone added in conversation with NOS, a public broadcaster in The Netherlands .

Still, she explained that as a mother herself, she's happy to lend a hand – giving up her vacation time to volunteer. "I myself have teenage daughters. And that is someone's daughter," she states.

In 2011, MTV's popular Geordie Shore filmed part of series one on the island. 


The happy drunk, the sloppy drunk, the what-in-God's-name-is-going-on-with-you drunk… it's safe to say we're all guilty of acting a little differently when we're under the influence.

Next time you're down the pub, you can conduct a little social experiment,as per the research carried out by scientists at a US university. Keen to discover exactly how our personalities change after a few too many G&Ts, researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia have categorised drinkers into four distinct categories.

Just like deciding if you're a Carrie or a Samantha, you can now figure out if you're a 'Hemingway' (good) or a 'Hyde' (not so good). The findings were based mainly on how participants' levels of "conscientiousness" (being reliable, organised and prompt) and "intellect" (understanding, being imaginative, knowing what was going on) changed as they got drunk.

Here are the findings – we'll be printing these out for our next cocktail night…

Hemingway a.k.a The "Are you even drunk?" drinker
The 'Hemingways' of this world can hold their drink well and change only slightly when under the influence. The name was inspired by Ernest Hemingway who said he could "drink hells any amount of whiskey without getting drunk."

Mary Poppins a.k.a The "I'm gonna go tell that guy he's GORGEOUS" drinker
Researchers said that this group remained sociable, agreeable and fairly together after a few drinks, though they did display higher levels of confidence, as well as getting louder. We all know a few Marys.

Nutty Professor a.k.a The "I AM BEYONCÉ" drinker
Nutty Professors became far more sociable and confident when drinking that they were in everyday life. To summarise, they're the most likely to be found on the dancefloor surrounded by the gang of new friends they just made while ordering Jagerbombs at the bar.

Hyde a.k.a The "Know the one that's one too many" drinker
The fact that this group were named for Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde should give you an idea of the kind of drinkers we're talking about. Hydes become more disagreeable when they drink and also display lower levels of conscientiousness and intellect. They are the most likely to "incur harm" from their drinking due to hostile behaviour, blackouts or even being arrested.



Hollyoaks actress Jorgie Porter has hit back at rumours she was drunk on ITV’s Text Santa marathon.

Twitter was alight with speculation that the actress was drunk or under the influence causing her to hit back saying: “nope sorry that’s just me.”

Jorgie, who plays Theresa McQueen on the soap joined Phillip Schofield for the 24hour marathon show. Phillip managed to stay awake for the whole marathon, finally signing off at 11am and leaving the ITV studios with his wife. 


RTÉ's new show Drunk is a bit on the controversial side, as it offers free alcohol to contestants so that they can then be put through different tests to see the effects of the drug on our ability to function.

The results? Well, apparently scientists were amazed at how little twelve or thirteen standard units of alcohol affected contestants, causing concern at how tolerant we are becoming due to over indulgence.

Bill Malone, RTE Two Channel Controller said that "The first night we went filming, we supplied the alcohol. The Irish young people, all over 18 of course, drank 12 to 13 vodkas each and the majority of them were functioning completely normal on the tests.

"The medical professionals were astounded by the level of capacity in the young Irish people who were able to drink."

We're all for tolerance here at SHEmazing!, but not like this! If you're going out tonight, maybe set yourself a healthy limit of alcohol, you'll be glad of it in the morning!




If you were looking for an example of what NOT to tweet, we’ve got you covered.

Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan obviously had a pretty wild night out in Scotland, so much so that she missed her flight because she was so drunk. Not only this, but she also wet the bed, and told everyone about it on Twitter:

No Holly. This is not the type of thing you should be tweeting! But she clearly disagrees as when someone replied to the tweet telling her it wasn’t a good thing, she had this to say:

Yikes! Perhaps you should take their advice on board Holly, and maybe lay off the booze for a while!

The reality star wasn’t having a very good day on Twitter in general, as when she posted a revealing picture of herself on a night out, someone told her to “Put ‘em away, no wonder some girls get attacked on nights out”. And while her other tweets have left us speechless, we have to agree with her on this matter, as she replied:

Well, one good tweet out of three is better than none we suppose! Just stick to the protein shakes from now on Holly, please?!




Going to work with a hangover is one of life's punishments for having so much damn fun. However, we know exactly how to outsmart that pesky headache: 

1. Have A Shower
Showers always make you feel better, but on days when you’ve been out drinking the night before, they have the added benefit of getting rid of the smell of alcohol from your skin. This is assuming you get up in time to have a shower before you leave, which we understand is an incredibly difficult task to accomplish during a hangover.


2. Eat Some Breakfast
Hard and all as it might be to stomach food at this hour, try and get something into you, even if it’s just half a granola bar or something. You’ll need fuel for the day and this will help get you to lunch.


3. Brush Your Teeth
Similar to the shower, it gets rid of that disgusting aftertaste of whatever you were drinking last night. People you talk to throughout the day will also thank you.


4. Drink Loads Of Water
When you drink alcohol, your body gets really dehydrated, and your brain actually shrinks as a result. Then the next day, headaches result from your brain going back to its normal size. So the more water you drink, the faster this can happen and the quicker the headaches will go away. How quickly depends entirely on just how much you had to drink the night before.



5. Eat Fruit
Fruit has got loads of natural sugars that can provide energy to get you through the day, and they are petty easy on the stomach as well. Bananas are probably the best because they provide potassium which is good if you’ve thrown up, and they also replace these things called electrolytes. Which is also good. Apparently.


6. Tactical Naps In The Toilet Are Key
The lack of sleep means that a nap might be in order, and the bathroom is probably the best place for it. Because you can lock the door, it makes it impossible for your boss or anyone else to walk in on you and catch you out.


7. Keep Your Head Down And Don’t Move Too Quickly
We're talking about keeping your head down as in avoiding your boss, or getting any complicated jobs. We don’t mean to actually keep your head down and rest it on the nearest available surface. If you need a nap, you know where the toilet is.


8. Go For A Walk
Fresh can really clear the head, so if you get the chance on your break or during lunch, get out of the building and just go for a wander. You’re not doing it for exercise so just take it as slow as you need to.


9.  Get A Ridiculously Greasy Lunch
You’ve already eaten the healthy fruit, so you’ve earned the greasy lunch. It’s not quite as satisfying as the take-away you had at 4am last night, but it’s still pretty good.


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If we saw these while sober we would probably gag, but once we have a few drinks in us we practically dream of them! Here are our ten favourite drunk foods:

1. 3-in-1
Mmm….a 3-in-1 is a serious favourite of people after a night out. That combination of rice, curry and chips will be scoffed in two mouthfuls.

3-in-1-Just-Eat.ie_-300x2202. Kebabs
These are the messiest of drunken foods, loved by the nation as a whole.

Doner Kebab3. A sneaky McDonalds
Nothing better than a Quarter Pounder after a night out – until you wake up the next day and it’s still sitting in your stomach, bleugh…

giphy4. Garlic cheese chips
An Irish staple after a night out.

P10200485. Chicken fillet roll
A student classic – and we can see why. Mmm….

filletroll3-630x4726. Burritos
Spice, cheese and melt-in-your-mouth meat, what’s not to love?

Lolita's_California_Burrito7. Dodgy pizza
You find it in your fridge when you come home. You’re pretty sure it hasn’t been there THAT long, right?

shizzle-pizza8. Take everything in the kitchen & throwing it into a frying pan
This concoction is going to make your life hell in the morning. Just saying…

tumblr_myjv1jb2q71t5z2fwo1_5009. Eddie Rockets
This is only when you’re seriously loaded. A gourmet burger and lots of cheese sauce never tasted so good.

tumblr_m10fkbp3eX1qg2bs210. An entire tub of gone off hummus
This one is generally just for the girls as lads don’t tend to step ten feet within the chickpea heaven spread.


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Your friends turn into completely different people on nights out. Your quietest friend suddenly turns into a maniac once she gets a blue WKD into her hand while the really opinionated girl gets very subdued once the alcohol hits. What is going on?! Here are the types of people your friends turn into on nights out:

1. The one that shouts in your ear
They’re not really aware of how loud they’re speaking and the gibberish that they’re coming out with. They don’t seem to be in control of their hands, any minute now they will spill their pint all over you.

Santana_&_Mercedes_shouting_at_her2. The creep
They seem to just vanish into thin air without  a trace left behind. They slither around like a snake looking for their prey. They spend most of the night roaming around the club looking for the appropriate guy or girl and giving them intense stares.

creepy-smile-eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3-27183. The one on laughing gas
They think that everything is absolutely hilarious and they’re constantly smiling at you. After a while it starts to get really annoying so you tell everyone else that you don’t know them.

Ricky-Gervais-Cracking-Up-On-Sofa4. Duracell bunny
They’re the one that is constantly getting jelly shots and looks like they’re on drugs. They don’t “dance” per say they kind off just jump around with bundles of enthusiasm.

giphy5. The exhibitionist
They want everyone to look at them and always want to be the centre of attention. They will literally do anything to be the life of the party.

1393706232067_ah-life-of-the-party6. Too drunk to get in
They don’t even make into the club because they’re so drunk and spend the next half and hour arguing with the bouncerIf they could see themselves and how drunk they look, they wouldn’t let themselves in.

giphy7.  Raging bull
They’re always looking for an excuse to start a fight. Anytime anyone even looks in your direction it’s grounds for them to fly off the handle.

tumblr_m85fotJJcl1ry10fwo1_5008. “This is my song!!”
They scream and shout when they hear a song: “OMG!! this is my song,” they drag everyone up onto the dance floor only to realise that it’s not the song they thought it was.

tumblr_mh8caxdKfr1ry6exno1_5009. Drunk texter
You know their night is not going to end well…


8. The sleeper
When they get really drunk  they start to get sleepy and you find them taking a kip in the corner.

pxeZtaT9. “What do you mean last orders?!”
They will do anything for just one more pint when the bar closes they don’t want the night to end

Airplane-gif10. Touchy feely
It’s as if they only realise they had senses and so they really enjoying touching things. They can’t get enough of touching their own body and when they’re talking to someone they always have to pat them on the shoulder or put their arm around them.

thi11. The cheater
They tell everyone that they’re so faithful to their boyfriend or girlfriend. As their friend you have to keep it a secret when you see them eating the face off every guy or girl in the club. Or if you don’t care you could ruin their relationship by taking a picture.

tumblr_mgimgugmPk1r7f39co1_50012. The hot mess
Their make -up is always running down their face and they end up walking around with no shoes on because one of their heels broke. They were mixing drinks and now they’re paying for it by getting sick on the street while they’re waiting for a taxi.

136371610347116257913. The emotional trainwreck
In combination with the hot mess this can be a real disaster. When they drink, everything just comes rushing out of them they can’t handle all the emotion. Be careful with what you say to them because anything could set off the waterworks.

520159314. The acrobat
They’re naturally flexible and will get up on top of tables or counters to show off their moves. God forbid there happens to be a dance cage or a strippers pool in the club.

q0fIFhx15. And then there’s … you

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4am is a strange time of the night. You should be in bed, but you’re in the chippie. At least you’re not the only one – look who else is with you:

 1. The security guard
He’s your man if that scary looking group in the corner kick off!


 2. The loud group of guys
This group of lads are roaring things at girls that come in, all the while shovelling a curry cheese chip into their gobs…sexy.


 3. The food fighters
The food fighters usually end up being the same group of lads that will eventually get kicked out by the security guard. They use their chips as missiles against rival groups, with some unfortunate people getting caught in the cross fire as they make their way to the toilet.


 4. The messy eater
It’s unclear whether this person is always a messy eater or whether the alcohol is to blame, but either way they can usually be seen sitting at a table covered from head to toe in lettuce, ketchup and crumbs.  It’s a similar story for the table in front of them, the floor at their feet, and sometimes even the wall beside them.


 5. The feasters
These type of people will sometimes actually save their money, often not buying the last drink in the night club, just to buy an absolute mountain of food once they get there.


 6. The guy/girl who just finished his shift
Very easy to spot, this person is usually dressed in all black as they’ve probably just finished a shift as a waitress or barman in one of the night clubs that all of the drunk people have just come from. They make a nice difference to the roaring and shouting going on, quietly grabbing their takeaway and running out the door.


7.  The staff
Those poor, tormented people.


 8. The sleepers
Another type of person that the security guard isn’t a massive fan of. They can usually be seen sitting upright with a chip hanging out of their mouth and  a half eaten burger in their hand.


 9. The emotional wrecks
They sit there weeping into their happy meal with their friend consoling them after they were rejected by the ‘love of their life’, or, even worse, they lost their phone. The happy meal is bought to try and cheer them up, but to no avail. Happy meal toys are a very common souvenir from a night out, and are more fun when you’re drunk then they ever were as a child.


 10. The loners
Not only does this person not know where their friends are, they also have no means of contacting them because their phone is out of battery. It is also common for them not to have any money. They seem to have lost all hope and are just resigned to sitting in the chippie. You might try and be a nice person and help them, but there’s really no point. They’re better off alone.


 11. The people too drunk to function
The only reason they’re in the place is to sit down somewhere without the risk of getting rained on, mugged or something because there’s absolutely no way they’re able to get any food into them. Their friends might insist on buying them something and try to sober them up before they get into the taxi to reduce the risk of them getting sick.


12. The people who are too sober for this shit
Usually left with the task of looking after the person who is too drunk to function, they sit there with a grumpy look on their face as the only reason they’re there is because no one would get a taxi with them when they wanted to go home. If they had had their way, they would’ve been in bed an hour ago.

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There is always a few of these people at a college house party. Try to make sure you aren’t one of them!

1. The Snapchat Story guy
The guy who spends more time taking photos and adding them to his “Snapchat Story” than he does actually socialising with anyone at the party. Why he feels the need to catalogue everything about his boring night so he can look at it in the morning and “show off” to his friends, we don’t know.

giphy2. The hole-in-the-wall drunk
The ridiculously drunk guy who freaks out because somebody ashed into his drink by accident. Everybody proceeds to take the p*ss out of him because of his hilarious antics, until he lashes out at the closest door, wall or chair in his way. Silence follows, usually by him being kicked out of the house.

w3. The turn-the-music-down kid
Don’t be this person. “Hey, guys could you turn the music down a little?” Nothing sinks your buzz more than this.

giphy4. The drunken mess
This is the person who is at EVERY party – the one who cannot handle their drink, slips and slides all over the house and slurs their words before 11pm. They usually have someone “taking care” of them just after midnight and either pass out on the couch or get taken home early.

e5. The random guy
The guy who nobody knows! Nobody invited him but he’s showed up and managed to sneak in, wearing the creepiest grin you’ll ever see. He stands against the far corner wall, his knee propped upright to support him, sipping on a can of Miller Lite and eyeballing every girl in the room. Agh!

wild-card6. The annoying photo-bomber
This one shuffles around the house at a tremendous speed, not speaking to anybody for over 5 minutes, and jumps halfway across the room to ensure that his fat head leaps into the frame of every girl who’s trying to take a picture with her friends.


7. The drinking game guy
The one who barges into the party late, attempting to clear everything off the table and shut down the music so he can set up BEER PONG! Or even ignite a game of “Kings.”

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Find out what Miley said to Jennifer.



1. What you think you look like when walking across the room in front of your crush:

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like

What you actually look like:

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like
Universal Pictures/wifflegif.com

2. How you think you look on the dance floor:

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like

Annnnd… how you actually look:

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like

3. How you think how you’re greeting your mates 17 post-work drinks on:

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like

Reality check:

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like

4. Alone at the bar? Who cares, I look like this…

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like
The CW/giphy.com

Yeah, not so much.

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like

5. ‘Listen to all the wise and wonderful things I learnt about wine on my trip around France.’

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like
Warner Bros. Pictures/wifflegif.com

‘Did I say France? I meant the local bar.’

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like

6. Of course I’m sober enough for another glass!

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like

Aren’t I?!

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like

7. How you imagine your crush sees you from across the room:

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like
Paramount Pictures/images.ezgif.com

What he actually sees:

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like

8. How super cool you think you are when your favourite song comes on:

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like
Paramount Pictures/wifflegif.com

How you actually react when it does:

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like
Paramount Pictures/wifflegif.com

9. How you think you look when trying to convince your parents you’re not that drunk:

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like
Universal Pictures/giphy.com

What they actually see:

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like

10. The amazing connection you think you’ve just made with a total stranger:

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like
Columbia Pictures/wifflegif.com

The reality of that relationship…at 3am:

What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like