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How would you feel about staying in Casa Amor, the infamous Spanish hideaway from reality show Love Island

It's the location where the most sh*t goes down in terms of heads getting turned, abandoning former partners and even cheating, but would you rent it?

It's now available to hire per week, but prices start at a whopping £5,503, rising to £8,630 pretty quickly. You can also buy the 'experience'  couples package for an extra £998 per night.


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You'd really want to be in love with someone to head to that special island, with prices like that. 

The Villa Retreats website shows off the abode online, but we only saw a small slice of the lavish home on TV it seems.

The iconic pad showcases a tree-lined entrance, four double bedrooms, shower rooms with free-standing baths and five bathrooms.

Some lovely greenery, a luxury swimming area, a cosy indoor fire-side lounge, a massive kitchen and some risque artwork are also featured in the stunning villa.

TheSun.co.uk reports that the outdoors section has plush hedgerows and busts of naked women (lol). The numerous unclothed artworks can be removed upon request, which we have to laugh at.

The website proudly refers to the Majorca Villa taking part in ITV’s Love Island, on their website.

The special Love Island Package, which offers guests experiences guaranteed to make you feel ready to head to the firepit and couple up.

Date night activities, a private chef and concierge,as well as a romantic bed filled with rose petals is included in the package.

Breakfast in bed and a variety of yoga, personal training or spa sessions cost extra, but we reckon it's worth it. The offer ends in December 2020, so whip out the cash ASAP.

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It was the video that shocked the nation: a 18-year-old Irish woman performing a sex act on 24 men in order to win a free cocktail.

The footage went viral, sparking debate about what really goes on during cheap, package holidays to the likes to Magaluf – a resort on the otherwise genteel island of Majorca in Spain.

At the time, one young holiday-maker explained what goes on in the town, which is nicknamed 'Shagaluf': "The girls and guys are all as bad as each other… I've walked into Burger King and seen people having sex in the toilets."

"People think they can let loose out there because they can leave it all behind when they go home."

Still, the actions of the Co. Armagh teenager shone a spotlight on Magaluf drinking regulations.

And in the aftermath, authorities there introduced harsher restrictions as well as steep fines for anyone caught flouting the laws: for example, the likes of balconing – where tourists jump from hotel balconies into swimming pools – is now liable to a €1,500 fine.

Recently, the Sunday Life spent a weekend on Magaluf’s notorious strip to see if anything has changed… and seemingly it hasn't.

The Belfast-based publication observed hundreds of revellers in a seriously intoxicated state, while one young man is spotted sporting a bloodied nose. 

Just this week is was furthermore announced that British police officers have been flown into the Spanish town to patrol its streets as part of a two-week trial to help Spanish authorities deal with victims and offenders from the UK.

Spain already carries out international patrols in tourist areas in cooperation with police from Germany, France, Italy, Portugal and Morocco.


Consumed too much alcohol last night

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Hundreds of thousands of revellers from Britain and Ireland holiday in Magaluf annually (85 percent of vacationers are from our island or Britain), with the spot being particularly popular with those off on a Sixth Year, post Leaving Cert jaunt. 

Hotels evict a relatively modest 250-odd guests a year for unruly behaviour – like thrashing their rooms – and about one in six of those evictees is Irish.

However, most holidaymakers are more eager to head out than cause trouble at their hotels: Magaluf's giant BCM nightclub, which holds 6,000 people, is particularly popular. It charges €50 at the door, but alcohol flows freely once you're inside.

One Dutch volunteer, Simone, is part of The Street Angels – a charitable organisation which has for two years carried out work on the streets of Magaluf.

They help drunk party-goers find their friends and their hotels, and hand out bandages, tissues, and bottles of water. 

She believes that this year, the authorities have indeed been stricter, and there is "less glass" strewn about the place.

She furthermore said that the beaches are now better lit up with "enormous spotlights," similar to those used during footballer matches. 

"But you see the girls still lying passed out in the gutter with their underwear around their knees," Simone added in conversation with NOS, a public broadcaster in The Netherlands .

Still, she explained that as a mother herself, she's happy to lend a hand – giving up her vacation time to volunteer. "I myself have teenage daughters. And that is someone's daughter," she states.

In 2011, MTV's popular Geordie Shore filmed part of series one on the island. 


They're the couple who rarely seem to stay in one place for very long.

And while Dubai remains a firm favourite for Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan, she has now revealed that they've identified a sun-soaked destination a little closer to home.

Writing her online blog for Hello magazine, the actress said that she's so in love with the island of Mallorca in Spain, that she's lost count of how many times she's been there. 

"I love Mallorca and try to go whenever I can," she explained.

"I can’t actually count how many times I have visited, I think it must be around 20 or so times."

The 28-year-old went on to say: "It’s a beautiful island with so much to offer, and is such a short flight that you can just go for a night but feel as though you have had a proper little break."

She and her reality TV husband were there last week – with Michelle explaining that Mark had work lined up.

During their mini-break, they also took a break from the norm, opting to explore the sites and sounds of Palma rather than top-up their tans.

"Normally when we go away we relax and sunbathe but this time we decided to have a day out in the beautiful city of Palma and soak in all the Spanish culture!" she explained.

In the accompanying snaps, Michelle donned a white Lispy playsuit from her own collection with the label.